My Special Birthday Gift from Someone Special


It’s here… Finally it’s here… The day I keep waiting since the first day of the year… My birthday…!!! Yes it’s my birthday today. As you can see in my about section, I’m super girly and bollywood types when it comes to birthdays. Not only mine but everyone from my inner friend’s circle. I try my best to make them feel special in some way.

When I can take such an effort to make everyone happy. Don’t you think the one who is ALWAYS with me.. Who understands me more than anybody… Who takes efforts to pamper her close friends, deserve some pampering… I love myself… I think birthdays are the best days to feel myself the best in very special way. (PS: I make sure I feel special in someway everyday. After all, Mai apni favorite jo hoon… 😉 (I’m my own favorite))

So, this birthday I decided to buy that ring which I have been planning to buy since quite a long time. Almost every gal loves diamonds. Right??? Since I was caught up in my work at office, I couldn’t go to a jewelry shop to buy one. So bought it online from Ornate jewels, from whom I had purchased quite a few things last month. You can check my online shopping experience with Ornate jewels here.


You might be thinking why a ring. As I had mentioned in some of my previous posts, I love accessories more than anything. Especially finger rings.

I’m super shopaholic. I live by the statement “If you can’t stop thinking about it, go and buy it”. This ring is something of that sort. I had seen this online a month back. I have been saving this for my special day. I’m glad I chose to buy it from Ornate.

I have seen many gals waiting for that perfect ring from a perfect guy. Well, I can guarantee that you will get that perfect ring one day but I can’t guarantee for the things which doesn’t exist. 😉

I believe we deserve every love we give to this world. The love we start receiving from the world the moment you start loving yourself. Instead of waiting for someone else to celebrate you, celebrate yourself. Everyday. Because gal, you deserve all the love and you are worth it.

Take yourself out for a nice dinner… A movie date with yourself… Gift yourself a spa session… Be creative, or be a lazy panda in your pajamas at home… In short – do whatever makes you happy.. 😉

Will spend the day in my style… After all its my day… My special day…!!!

PS: Self love is not selfish… It’s a necessity.

Love yourself…

Lots of love,
The Birthday Gal

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