Would you ever get your eyeballs tattooed like this guy??!


You might have seen my posts regarding my tattoos and some tattoo ideas. I am one of those who love tattoos a lot. But today I have found a guy who is the most obsessed with tattoos and piercing.

You might have seen tattoos on wrists, arms, ankle etc. Some go to an extent of getting a tattoo on face as well. But… Have you heard of eye ball tattoos…???

Yes you read it right. Eye balls are one of the most delicate body parts. Getting tattoo on eye balls is something new in the tattoo art.

Here is a tattoo artist who has uncountable tattoos and 15+ piercing on his body… !!!

He is the first Indian to get his eyes tattooed to get that super human look…

You can check his Instagram profile and watch what he wants to say about his experience…


I found them a bit creepy. 😵 Reminds me of vampires in one of the series I used to watch – The vampire diaries.

But this one, I must say a handsome creepy man…  😉

So first thing comes to mind is how it’s done.

Well, Luna Cobra; Australian artist the one who invented eyeball tattoos. Where the white area of eyes are filled with solid colors. He is the only artist who does this art. He started this in 2007. All his clients are all Ok till date.

It’s mentioned that the eye ball tattoo doesn’t hurt much. It’s much lesser painful than the normal one. But it’s much more riskier for obvious reasons. As per the cost is concerned, it costs in lakhs.

Whenever a new trend comes in, there are always people who wants to try out. With popular demand, there comes some fake artists too. It’s also said that there are some untrained tattoo artists who tried this on people. But most of them ended up being blind. Of course it’s the delicate part and needs most care.


So, how did you find this craziness of getting this super hero(creepy) look… Did you like??! Did you get scared like me??? Do let us know in comments section… 😉

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