Some of The Best and Worst Hand Creams for Dry Hands


As I had mentioned in my previous review, my hands are extremely dry. I always keep a good hand cream handy.

I have tried quite many hand creams till date. So thought of listing them. Few of which have already been reviewed in mygirlypedia. You can find the links mentioned for each reviewed product.

  1. Fab India Hand Cream:


Let me start with my favorite one. This one worked like magic for me. You can check the detailed review post here.

2. Beauty Formulas Hand Cream:


I have 2 different flavored hand creams of this brand.

  • Amber
  • Cranberry

They did a fair job.I liked Amber one more than the later one.

You can find the review of Cranberry hand cream here.

Will upload the detailed review post of Amber flavor soon.

3. The Body Shop Shea butter Hand Cream:


I have finished using the whole tube of this cream. I am gonna buy it soon and gonna post a detailed post about this.

I liked the cream because its travel friendly, non greasy, mild fragrance and moisturizing.

Price: 779 INR

You can check out the details here.

4. Fab India Hand and Cuticle Cream:


Price: 290 INR for 100 ml

This comes in a tub packing which is disappointing. Cream is non greasy, non runny. But It worked on my dry hands as well as on my dry feet. (Yes I sometimes use hand cream as foot cream. All thanks to my huge stock. I have to finish them right. So that I can shop some more…!!! #ConfessionofAshopaholic

Detailed Review soon…!!!

5. Oriflame Silk Soft Hand Cream:


I have reviewed this product. Please check the post and save yourself from wasting money on this. Uggg…!!!

If your hands are dry like mine, I have a post for you.  Here you go…!!!

So, these are some of the prominent hand creams I have used till date. Hope you find this quick review post useful the next time you shop….  😉


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