10 Unusual Beauty Trends of 2017 Which Will Not Fail to Amaze You


Fashion/beauty industry is always inconstant. There are always new trends almost everyday. Most of the people blindly follow the trends. But for some, the comfort matters the most.

The trends which come and go are heterogeneous. Some will win your hearts and some can make your eyes hurt…!!!

Today I am gonna tell you some unusual beauty trends of 2017. Which will definitely make you wonder – what made this bizarre a trend??!!!

  • Feather Eyebrows

Eyebrows are something which make or break your look…!!! There are different strange styling of these eyebrows and the final looks are total ‘NO NO’

  • Nose Hair Extension

Like seriously???? I know its awful. So, people instead of using the fake eye lashes on eyelids, they are placing them inside nostrils. I just wanna say one thing to whoever invented this – “You Shouldn’t Have”!!!

  • McDonalds Eyebrows

After looking at this beauty trend, tag line should be modified as – “I am hating it”…!!!

  • Holographic Hair

Have you ever longed for the hair of your favorite cartoon characters??? Well, there is a trend where they get the hair colored like one of those characters. Trust me it looks good ONLY on cartoon characters.

  • Holographic Lips


My idea of beauty trend was something like – that makes you look good. But after looking at these trends, I have changed the definition of beauty trend in my dictionary.

  • Neon Eyeliner

The bright neon eyeliners…!!! Perfect for Halloween, because everyone wants to look a bit spooky on this day…!!! You know what I mean…

  • Lollipop Lips

I remember the saying – Fashion industry is quite funny. Even a beauty blunder can sometimes become a new trend. This one is something like that. The smudged lips are a new trend. Getting this quite easy. Apply lipstick before going to bed. Wake up the next day with lollipop lips. #JustKidding

  • Glitter roots

Glitter…!!! Very flattering… Isn’t it… But using glitters in beauty is nothing less than an art. But this ‘modern art’ is NO…!!!

  • Squiggly eyebrows and lips

I have no comments for this…!!!

  • Colored Lashes


Like, seriously??? Weirdly long Fake lashes… that too in weirdest colors…!!!???


I hope you liked the tour into a fun filled world of ‘creative’ fashion world…!!!

Do you dare to try any of these trends???

Kindly, don’t…!!!

Author: Mygirlypedia

Encyclopedia of A Girly Girl...

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