Do You Know Which is the Most Pocket Friendly Eyeliner

You know how much I love Kajal. I can’t step out without applying kajal or eyeliner. After a lot of practice, I can apply eyeliner neatly now. For which I get a lot of compliments. If you want to know how I apply eyeliner, I have a easy breezy steps listed in this post. 

If you are a beginner, I would suggest you to go with gel eyeliner. As liquid eyeliners are runny and need practice for the application. A single mistake can ruin the whole look. Gel eye liner is consistent and can be rubbed off even if you make slight mistakes.

Having said that, if you are a ‘pro’ in applying liner and looking for pocket friendly eyeliner, I have a suggestion for you.

Let me review the super pocket friendly and super affordable liquid eyeliner I have used till date.


Brand :


Name of the Product:

Lakme Insta Eye Liner


75 INR for 9 ml (Very less price for a very good quantity. We pay a lot of money for a very little quantity like 2-3 ml. #Seriously)

Shelf Life :

30 months


Not Listed.

What Company Claims:

The Lakme Insta-Liner comes in a small package with a sleek, thin brush which is also portable. The brush holder of this product is of a comfortable length, thus making the application of the eyeliner easier. It has a deep, black colour that gives users a fine definition to their eyes. The liner is liquid so it might take time to dry out, but it gives users an attractive finish.

Since this product does not dry out too fast, beginners will find this product easy to use. They can draw it and reapply the smooth liquid as many times as they can until they are satisfied with the look. Once this eyeliner has dried out, it remains on for the entire day without getting smudged or smeared.

The water-resistant formula of this product makes it last for a long time. Users can attempt several different looks with the Lakme water-resistant eyeliner. They can use it to draw a thick line or a thin one to suit whatever look they want to go with, making their eyes look beautiful in an instant.


It comes in a glass bottle which resembles a nail paint bottle. The glass is sturdy enough not to break even if it slips down from your hands. #Tested

Needless to say, this tiny bottle can be carried while you travel. Thus it is a travel friendly product.


Its runny.


Deep black.



I kind of like this applicator. Its tiny but long enough to draw lines comfortably. The pointed brush helps you draw thin lines too, hence making it ideal to try out different eye makeup styles.

My experience:

I wasn’t sure enough to try a liquid eyeliner. I should admit that, initial couple of times  I had ended up looking like a panda while trying this liner. Because liquid liner is runny. It gets on your eye lashes too. Plus, it does not dry quickly. In order to rub the extra liner, you end up looking like a panda. All thanks to deep black color.

But as I mentioned earlier, if you are a ‘pro’, then you will love this eye liner just like I did. The intense black defines your eyes beautifully. The applicator is so thin that you can create thin eyeliner to thick eyeliner look easily.

Yes it does take a bit time to dry. But once its dried, it stays for good amount of time of 6-7 hours.

PS: I prepare my eyelids well before applying a liquid liner. – Do check this for more info.

Will I recommend this??? and why???

Yes I will recommend this to those who love and know the application tricks.


  • Its affordable/ super friendly to our pockets.
  • Travel sized product which can be carried easily.
  • Deep intense black shade defines eyes nicely.
  • Applicator is soft and pointy. Thus making thin liner look easier.
  • Good staying power.


Points which didn’t work:

  • It’s not water resistant.
  • Ingredients not mentioned.
  • Dries bit slowly. (I have some other liquid liners, which dries really quick)


Mygirlypedia Rating: 4/5

If you are a eye makeup lover like me, do try this one out.

Let your eyes do the talking.

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