What’s On Your Nails Today???

I had bought this pale cream coloured nail paint from nykaa.com a month back. It looked bright and nice at first but it made my hands look a bit tanned and dull.

So to make this boring nail paint a bit exciting, I thought of adding a bunch of magic.

Things Used:

Nail paint :

This one from nykaa. You will see the shade name in the video below.

Glitter :

I bought it from Amazon.in. It’s pack of 12 coloured glitters. I chose a golden one for this.


Applying Vaseline around nails before applying nail paint makes cleaning the mess easier.
Watch my first ever video on mygirlypedia here.

PS: it’s my first video. It may or may not be up to the expectation. Please my mygirlypedia needs two things from you… Love 😙and support… 😚

I hope you like it…. 😙

Author: Mygirlypedia

Encyclopedia of A Girly Girl...

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