12 Types of Aunties We Can Find Anywhere and Everywhere

Monday huun… Let’s have a fun post today…

Spices and salt make a dish perfect. Just like good people we need some bad, annoying people to make life interesting one. Agreed???

I am talking about spices of every colony – ‘The Aunties’…!!!

I am sure many girls like me can relate to this post of mine ‘really well’… Because no matter where you stay, what’s your age and status are, you will find these kind of creatures oops, aunties around you…!!!

Detective Aunty

You tell her single word about someone, she will wear her invisible detective cap and gets to the root of that gossip.

‘My children are the best’ aunty

No matter what her kids do, she never misses the chance to praise them. #Annoying

Bi*chy Aunty

Bi*ching is her fuel. She can’t stay away from it. She can make stories out of anything and everything. #GodSaveMePlz

‘Question Bank’ aunty

She has a huge data of all the possible questions in the world. Talking to her is like playing ‘Who wanna be a millionaire’ and yes minus the amount.

Troubled aunty

Seems like she has all the sorrows in the world.

Match maker aunty

Her favorite time pass is to gather details about guys and gals who are ‘eligible’ for marriage. Match making game is her all time job.

Fashionista Aunty

You can see her dressed up allll the time. #IKindsLikeIt

Sanskari Aunty

With all old morals and her sincerity towards God, makes her the unique one.

Pocker face Aunty

These are most pathetic ones. Even if you smile at her, you can’t distract her from what she is doing. – Staring. Of course with no emotion displayed on her plane face. #Creepy

Show off Aunty

“Oh I had bought that” ” I had bought this” “My wonderful hubby bought this” and blah blah blah

‘Happy to see you’ Aunty

These are the sweetest ones. They don’t bore you or make you scared. They are genuinely happy to see you. Their affection makes you feel ‘This colony is still a good place to survive’

Rock star Aunty

She wins the race #Always. She is cool, she is modern, no questions, no criticism and mainly hard to find. She reminds you that age is just a number. She is all rounder, a rock star.

Have you come across such aunties too??? Let me know which kind of aunties are you surrounded by…

Author: Mygirlypedia

Encyclopedia of A Girly Girl...

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