Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 9


Finally… The savior – Friday is here…!!! So are the 5 random questions. They are sooo random that they hardly have any connection between them. #haha But it’s fun. Isn’t it???

so, are you ready for today’s Random questions???

Here you go…!!!

  • Which is the last adventurous sports you had tried??


Parasailing at Goa. It was breathtakingly amazing.  I am saying breathtakingly because, I am a bit phobic about deep water as I don’t know swimming. While parasailing, while you enjoy the top view of the sea, they make you experience a sudden dip in the sea. Phewww… It’s freaking awesome. A complete sudden dip in deeeeep sea. It was indeed adventurous. What about you???

  • What was your favorite toy as a kid?


I had threw a lot of tantrums to get a teddy bear when I was a kid. So, my daddy dearest had bought a teddy bear for me. A red one. I still have her with me.

  • What was it’s name???


Kempakka. ( Which means ‘Red elder sister’ in Kannada, my mother tongue. She is huge and red in color. hen it came to playing, in deed she was like my elder sister in all the games we played.)

  • Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?


Sunset. It calms me down… I feel its soothing. It’s like no matter what or how the day was, it has to come to an end. Nothing is permanent… So are our problems…!!!  #DeepHaan

  • Whats your favorite season?


Winterrrrr. I love sleeping in my cozy blankets on cold winter nights/mornings(anytime). #SleepyHead

It’s your turn now to answer.

If you are reading this – Oh come on, don’t be mean. You know some of my secrets now. Tell me yours in the comment section below.

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