Weird Types of Facials You Will Be Amazed to Know About


Facial – almost every gal knows about this. Isn’t it??? No matter whether you have tried it or not, you know how it is done and why it is done…

Let me ask you one question… Which types of facials do you  know or tried???

I can hear the answers like – fruit, diamond, chocolate etc etc…

Today, I will tell you some more types of facials which will surprise you. At the end of the post you will be definitely thinking – “What are those ladies who opt for these facials even think..!!”

Vampire Facial:


Sounds spooky??? Well, it is spooky indeed. In one sentence – “Using your own blood for doing facial”. Oops..!!!

Let me briefly tell you how it is done:

  • Blood is drawn out of your body.
  • It is processed to collect platelets.
  • Followed by microneedling or microdermabrasion on your face.
  • Then the processed blood or in good words – PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is applied on face.

PS: Vampires are said to be active during night time. Unlike the real vampires, this vampire facial should be done in the day light.

 Face Slapping Facial:


Haha this one sounds funny. Isn’t it??? I mean, while we were kids and used to punch each others face while battling ‘sibling wars’, we didn’t know we were actually doing one of these beauty rituals…!!!

Yes, it is one of the Thai beauty treatment. Where you pay them to get slapped. They say it will stimulate blood circulation and acts as facial thus resulting in glowing face. (I hope you won’t end up getting blood clots. )

Bird Poop Facial:

Bird: “Whatttt??? Human, are you applying my poop????”

Whenever bird poops on you, the first reaction is – Ewww…!!!

Do you know Japanese use nightingale droppings for facial treatments???

Yes the main ingredient being the poop of bird which is said to brighten and lighten skin complexion. This facial is widely popular. Phewww…!!!

Snail Slime Facial:


This is something serious…!!! Snails who are said to be very slow creatures, have this slime which is said to have quick effect on skin when applied.

Main question. How this process is done??? Answer is simple, few snails are placed on your face and as they scrawl slowly on your face, the face will be covered by a layer of slime. Thus making it help in anti aging and brightening process.

Even though they are poor little harmless creatures, I can’t think of them scrawling on my face. Can you???

Placenta Facial:


As the name suggests, placenta is applied on face for skin’s nourishment. Just to clear the air, yes placenta is an organ that develops in your uterus during pregnancy…!!!

The placenta is collected from maternity wards and its applied on face for this beauty treatment.


I think these 5 are enough to know how weird the field of beauty treatments can be.

I hope you are surprised /shocked to know these. If you are puckish right now, sorrryyy…!!! Haha


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