Fairy Tale Wedding of Anushka and Virat..!!!

Eery gal, when she gets to know about life time commitment – ‘marriage’ she starts dreaming about her big day. All she wants is to look her best. The compliments which all the people gathered in the ceremony showers her for her looks.

Bride’s outfit is something we plan waaayyy before hand. We want it to be nothing less than a fairy tale… Isn’t it???

Well, a fairy tale wedding did just happen a day before… It’s wedding of a most beautiful and powerful couple of India – Virat Kholi and Anushka Sharma…

I don’t think they both need any sort of introduction. He is handsome guy, the captain of Indian Cricket team. She is beautiful, talented and one of the top Bollywood actress.

They met during a ad shoot of a shampoo in which they had featured together, 4 years back. This meeting led to friendship. Now these two best friends who are in love with each other have promised to stay in love forever. They have made their relationship official by marrying each other in a low key wedding ceremony.

PS: Being celebrities, maintaining a relationship is not easy. All thanks to their work schedules, the gossips over media, etc etc. They did face a lot of trouble as she was blamed for Virat’s poor performance during world cup. But they stood by each other during their tough times. And now…!!! Hello… they are ‘Just Married’..!!!

Its a destination wedding gals..!!! I want one for me too…!!! Don’t you dream of getting married in a beautiful location, outdoors(instead of boring indoors in some wedding hall???) ??

The wedding was attended by 44 people. Who are nearest and dearest for the bride and groom. Perfect. I love such weddings. No much chaos. Just a happiest day with the only people whom you love and you know they love you too…!!!

Looking at the pictures over the internet was a treat to eyes… I couldn’t stop myself from sharing some of the most beautiful pictures of this beautiful wedding with you guys… !!!

I found these pictures beautiful not only because of their outfits but because of the love they have for each other. Which even you can feel with their smile, the way they look at each other…!!! Awwww…!!!

Enjoy the pictures/videos….!!








Mehendi – Look at their smile…!!!


This is Cuteness overloaded…!!! He is feeding her…!!!

I loved this clip. They exchanged the rings. My heart melted when he congradulate to her and that hug…!!! #Melting


Here comes the Beauuutiful Bride…!!! I said they are best friends, here is the proof. Look the way he welcomes her and they way he holds her hand and the way they chat. #PerfectCouple




You will Fall in Love With These Pictures:





Akhir, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le gaye…!!! (At last, the one with the heart, took away the bride…!!!)


Isn’t it a fairytale wedding????

Wanna know the details of outfits these two gorgeous people wore on their wedding day??? Check this post with all the details of it.

They found home for their souls…!!! I wish every gal finds a man of her dreams and live a life she always dreamt of…!!! πŸ™‚



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