Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 11


Fridayyyy…!!!! Shortest happy news…!!! Isn’t it???

Well, today I am gonna ask 5 random questions which are related to self love.

Often, self love is confused as selfishness. But honey, self love is a necessity. In the times of trouble, only one person was with you EVRYTIME. That is YOU. (Think about it)

Let us see how comfortable we are with ourselves.

  • Have you ever gone out for lunch/dinner alone???


Yes. I know, people around you find it awkward to look at a girl sitting alone and having food in a restaurant.(At least at most of the places in India that is the case). You know what the good news is?? You don’t have to bother about people. I love eating with good company but equally(or slightly more) I love eating alone.

  • How often do you spend that quality ‘Me Time’???


Me, Everyday – at least 10 minutes. Doing what I love, all by myself.

  • Is the space where you live is been decorated/ messed up(some people like it that way and that’s ok) as your wish???


Yes. I am fortunate enough to decorate my living space as per my wish. I have decorated with girly lights, dream catcher etc. In one word – girly.!!!

  • Do you love yourself enough to forgive yourself???


Yes. As they say, life doesn’t comes with a user manual. We are not perfect. Oh come on, what will you tell your grand kids ??? “I had a normal boring life” orrrr “I broke the rules, made mistakes, learnt lessons and it was fun..!!!”

While breaking rules/stereotypes you often get criticized, judged. People might make you feel guilty. In this whole process you might end up blaming yourself. That’s ok we all go through certain scenarios like that.

Hello..!!! Chill… No matter what, Forgive your best friend – that is YOU. After all she is ALWAYS there for you isn’t it. She needs all the pampering and love not the hatred and blames.

  •   How are you thinking and feeling right now?

I’m feeling hungry yaar…!!! Haha apart from that, I am feeling good. Whenever I am in My girly world, Mygirlypedia, I am happy. How about you???

No matter how you are feeling today, I hope these questions made you think about that person who loves you all through your life, apart from your parents – you.

Keep smiling and make me happier by leaving your answers in comments section.


Have a great weekend…!!! Don’t forget to enjoy your ME time…!!!


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