How Do I Tie My Hair Using A Hair Stick

It’s a weekend….!!! How is your weekend going on??? I am having a lazy weekend. ‘Panda mode’ is on for me… !!! Because I am recharging myself… by doing nothing…

As you guys have read in some of my previous posts, my hair is thin yet long. That’s in my gene. Maternal genes. Umm.. Since the plates doesn’t really look good for thin hair, I tie it in a bun. Most of my colleagues and friends at work place keep asking me about how I tie it. This post is for all those who love using hair sticks and especially for girls with long tresses.

Hair sticks are my favorite hair accessories. All thanks to my roommate and my gooood friend, who has this amazing collection of hair sticks. I had gifted her a case to keep her hair sticks. But her collection grew so much so that the case was not enough.

So, by looking at her way of tying bun using hair sticks, I tried to imitate her. But, let me tell you one thing – it works differently for different hair length and also hair thickness matters. She has amazing thick, medium length hair. Her way of styling hair didn’t actually work for me.

Here is the way I tie my hair.


PS: I’m not in a mood to dress up today so plz ignore my clothes.

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