5 Accessories to Change The Style Game

There is a saying accessories can change your style game. All you need is one piece of fashion which will make you stand out of the crowd.

I just remembered the quote by the famous – Michael Kors,


You don’t have to have perfect dress, makeup and hair all the time to look the best. Here are some accessories which can make you score more in the fashion game.

Wanna know them??? Ok here they are…

Red Lipstick:

Yes red lipstick is technically cosmetic but this is definitely one strong accessory if you wear it in a right way.
Those red bold lips itself speak a lot about you. Your confidence, about the diva inside you. Trust me all the attention goes on to your lips. No body is gonna care about your dress and hair style.


A perfect handbag as per the occasion can make you look your best without having to spend time on other stuffs.

Statement Neck pieces:

A boring plain top??? Umm… how to make it interesting… Just wear a neck piece which can speak louder than your attire.

Ear and finger rings:

These are my favorite accessories. Without which I can’t feel complete. There is no rule that you need to wear long earrings with your traditional wear ONLY. try mix and match the earrings with your outfits to make your own signature style.

So are finger rings. A nice huge finger ring can add that spark to the whole look for sure.


Play with the colorful scarves. These can get you those extra brownie points in the game of fashion. I know scarves are ideal for winters. But thin fabric and colorful scarves can be wore all throughout the year. You don’t have to wear them only around your neck.  I personally tie my hair using a colorful, small scarf to add that girly factor to the look. Just like I replace rubber band with a scarf, if you have short hair then tie scarf like a head band.


So, these are the accessories which I trust when it comes to changing the dress up game. If you I want to suggest one thing, I would say just choose the accessory which makes you comfortable. Sometimes it’s not only about looking great but it’s about being comfortable. Just one piece of advice is – never go overbroad with the accessories. It will look tacky, not fashionable. Moderation is the key after all.

Hope you find this post useful.




Author: Mygirlypedia

Encyclopedia of A Girly Girl...

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