Gifting Ideas For Your Special Someone

Ahhh February… The month of love… Flowers and hearts everywhere…!!!

While most of the committed gals out there already ready with their presents for their valentine, Im pretty sure most of the boys must be discussing with their friends about what gift to give to their gals. Because they think that’s the toughest call to make. Well, picking a gift for a guy is not an easy task either.

If you feel Red roses, chocolates, teddy bears are now old and boring gifts… Here are some of the ideas that might help you to ease your task of choosing a gift for your special someone for this valentine…

Show piece

There are so many cute little show pieces available in the market. Especially this valentine season, almost all gift stores get flooded with these show pieces of tiny cute angels, couples etc which make a perfect gift for your gal if she loves cute things andddd you guys are just in initial phase of your relationship. Because, as the time passes, our expectations do increase. I’m not talking about expensive things but ummm let it be its complicated. Let’s just focus on gifts.

Gals, don’t even think of gifting these cute angels and stuff to your guy. Reason??? It’s girly…!!!

Lone time

How about a long drive… Dinner at a cozy place. It should not be an expensive restaurant, even your house makes a perfect cozy place. Point is the lone time with your special someone. Anddd extra brownie points if you switch off your mobiles.


Does your partner love reading books…??? You know what will make him/her happy… Do check the taste of books and get one for your partner to make their day special…


Don’t worry about the taste, your valentine will love even if you serve bread and jam with tons of love. If they are not happy with your love and effort, dude you please think twice before celebrating valentine’s with the same valentine the next year.

Make up lover gal

You got to check this list to pick one for her.

Customized gifts

There are many options in this category. No matter how your gal is, she will melt by looking at a customized gift with you and her pictures in it. I know it sounds cheesy but we love such gestures.

Hand written letter

Come on… Old is gold… I really feel nothing is more sweeter than a hand written letter. Pen down your feelings (good ones only) on a piece of paper. You don’t have to necessarily decorate it with girly stuffs. Just hand it over to her. Don’t miss her reactions while she reads your letter.

Gals, we should make guys feel loved too. There is no rule that only guys should write letters. Get a pen and piece of paper, write down good things about your partner to make them feel loved.

Shirts, watches, dress, bags

If you want to be a boring one, do present these to your lover. If your partner really needs one, then no offense.

Electronic gadgets

I think gifts for gals comes in all budgets. But for boys it’s usually on costlier side. But if your man is worth it, spend good amount and get that gadget for him which will make him happier.

Some gals are crazy for gadgets too. You know what to buy for her in that case.

Video games

Which guy doesn’t like video games??? Gifting a video game set will bring a huge smile on his face for sure.

If your gal loves playing video games too… Gift her one. Which you can share it later.


Most of the gals love that special dinner with her special person. Candles will earn you more points if you are planning for a dinner.

Some men have confessed that they like their gal to take them out for a dinner for a day. Kind of role reversal. It’s Ok even a hulk needs some pampering sometimes.

Spa coupons

Both gift each other a luxurious spa coupons and enjoy a relaxing spa session.

Hope this helps…

If your partner loves you, he/she doesn’t really care about the amount of money you are spending. They only care for the effort you are making to make them feel special. Because at the end of the day, efforts and love makes you look se*ier than your body…. 🤗

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