RIP Sridevi Kapoor…

I have this habit of checking Instagram when I wake up between sleep. This morning had a shocking news when I opened Instagram.

Saw a picture of this beautiful actress Sridevi but these three letters written below it made me teary eyed. RIP…!!!


At first I thought it must be some nasty rumor. Which by the way quite common when it comes to celebrities. But the picture was shared by miss world and one of my favorite actress Priyanka Chopra. I don’t think she will be part of such rumors. Still wasn’t able to accept this so went on to search page of Instagram. There were tons of pictures of Sridevi with condolences. Well it is in deed a shocker for most of us.

As a kid, I loved the way this pretty actress enjoyed dancing in movie songs. Her expressions. Apart from being such a good dance, she was a great actress too. One of my favorite movie of hers is Sadma. It was beyond amazing. Both the hero and Sridevi had done a fabulous job. I loved her performance in the movie Nagina as well.

Not to forget, her comeback movie ‘English Vinglish’ was appreciated by everyone as it was so relatable. It’s about Indian housewife who learns English to earn respect for herself. As English has become one of the ‘mandatory’ language for house wives too…! The character’s transformation from being scared indian in USA to a confident lady is inspiring.

Sridevi, most beautiful actress of Bollywood. Apart from getting compliments for her beauty, she was a great actress too. Married to one of the producers of Indian cinema – Bonny Kapoor, has two daughters. One of the daughters is working on her debut bollywood film. For which Sridevi was so excited just like any other mother. She was there with her daughter on the first day of shoot just to support her. But unfortunately no one knew that she won’t be able to watch her own daughter’s debut film…

Must say she had an amazing fashion sense. All her appearances have won every fashionista’s hearts.

The thing which left me teary eyed was the fact that life is so unpredictable.

3 days back, whole Kapoor family was in Dubai for a family wedding. Sri had opted for this beautiful Manish Malhotra outfit.


Little did we know it would be her last appearance.

She died due to severe cardiac arrest in Dubai in the midnight.

The quote – be thankful for the mornings. Because not everyone made it. Is so true. Isn’t it???

This triggered tons of thoughts in my mind.

We often take our loved ones for granted. But trust me, no one will be able to fill that space when they are gone. In this so called rat race(where we don’t know the exact end point) we have lost the real meaning of love and affection. Everyone wants a great job. Very rarely I find someone who wants to get a job similar to something they are passionate about. Most of us work for money not everyone works for their passion. Everyone wants big house, luxury. But they later realize that they forgot to wish for one precious thing called ‘peace of mind’ .

We all are busy making our future. But what we often forget is our present. Most of them work hard and harder to earn money. So that they can live their post retirement life peacefully. Dude, has anyone promised that you will live that long??! We don’t know about tomorrow and you are talking about retirement. Great.

One more thing to add, no matter how rich, beautiful or famous you are. Once soul leaves this body, we just addressed as ‘body’ nothing else. We can’t take any of our material earnings with us. Make memories so that when soul leaves you, you should not have any regrets.

Things are meant to be used and people are meant to be loved. But the opposite of this is happening.

When was the last time you told your family that you love them???

When was the last time you lived for yourself??

When was the last time you laughed from heart..???

Life is nothing but short. Tomorrow is not promised. Hug the ones who loves you… Ignore the ones who doesn’t. Do not waste time running after the one who is not worth your time.

Main thing – it’s your life. Live it on your own terms. Don’t waste it impressing others.

Bollywood has lost a great diva and actress Sridevi last night.

Loss for her family is immense. Her daughters lost their mother.

May her family get the strength to overcome this tough time.

Rest in peace Sridevi. You will be missed.

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