Things to Know Before Opting for Contact Lenses

Leonardo DiCaprio – My First ever crush…!!!!

You might be thinking how’s this is related to this post??? Yes it is.

Leonardo DiCaprio, whom I fondly call ‘Titanic Hero’ (since childhood. Come on I didn’t even bothered to know his ‘real’ name that time) my first ever crush… I was very young when I watched the movie – Titanic. I know most of us have this epic love story in our ‘favorite’ list. The thing which made me fall for him is his eyes. Those blue eyes… Awww… As a kid I was really attracted to those eyes.


Post watching the movie, my secret wish was to get spectacles. So that eventually I get to wear these colored contact lenses. I wanted light colored eyes, post watching those beautiful eyes in the movie. I know when we were kids we used to not think technically. Well, that’s the beauty of innocence may be.

As I grew up, I did got spectacles(all thanks to my job where I spend most of time in front of computer screen. Huuh) but didn’t try lenses. Reason??? I got to know most of the things about lenses which we should know before opting for them. Interested to know??? Read on…!!!

Get an contact lenses examination done:


Eyes are delicate and important part of our body. Not everyone is comfortable wearing contact lenses. Its always preferred to contact the doctor to get the examination done. So that you get to know which contact lenses would suit you and fit you.

Choose the right type of lenses:


There are multiple types like –

  • Soft lenses

a. Daily wear lenses: Which you can wear on daily basis. Before hitting bed you will have to remove this to clean it daily.
b. Extended wear lenses: Which you can wear even while sleeping. But make sure you clean it at least once in a week.
c. Disposable lenses: Use it once and dispose.

  • Hard lenses

Choose the one based on your comfort/need.

Wearing and removing lenses needs practice:


You might have seen how to wear contact lenses. Its not easy. At least at first, it seems so. Whenever I have talked to my friends who wear contact lenses, have told me that wearing them is easy than removing them from eye balls. Phew I am personally horrified by the sight of it.

Hygiene is important:


Lenses should be germ free and sanitised before putting them on your eyeballs. Thanks to the solution that comes with box of lenses. It helps in disinfecting and keeping the lenses super clean. You just have to dip the lenses in the solution. Easy huun??

Store them properly:


Lenses come in a tiny case. Which of course should be cleaned enough so that you don’t end up causing any infection on your eyes through unhygienic lenses. For first times, doctors suggest disposable lenses. You wear it for a day and throw it away. No need to worry about maintenance.

You can not wear contact lenses all the time:


You should remove the contact lenses while swimming and taking bath. For obvious reason, you might end up washing them off from your eyes. Obviously before going to bed you need to remove the lenses, unless you want to see your dreams in HD(High Definition) #JustKidding.

Choose the color wisely:


If you are opting for colored lenses, think twice before choosing a color. Because not every color suits everyone. Keeping your skin tone in mind, we need to opt for the color. Because we don’t want to end up scaring people around… haha

So these were the points which we need to make sure are checked before getting contact lenses for ourselves.

Hope this helps you…!!!

Do you wear contact lenses??? I am sure you have some ‘contact lenses experience’ to share. Do share with us in comments section below..!!!

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