Best South Indian Restaurant In Pune


Are you a foodie??? Or let me rephrase my question, does food makes your soul happy??? Well, I Believe not everyone love or enjoy their food. But I’m sure most of us do enjoy certain food. There are food which makes us Happy. So which is that for you???

I’m from south part of India, we are typically called as ‘south Indians’. We have different food habits as compared to other parts of India. You know how it works, different regions, different cultures, languages and so are the food habits. I love south Indian food. They make me happy.

Staying away from home comes with plus and minus points. Agree??? As much as we enjoy our freedom, we do miss our home food, prepared by mommy dearest. It’s nothing less than a lucky lottery if you find a restaurant which serves food which tastes almost like your home food. (Read ‘almost’ twice. Because nobody can beat mom made food. Isn’t it???)

Well, I think I was lucky enough to find a restaurant which serves the best south Indian food here, in Pune.

This is the story about ‘How I met my Idli Dosa in Pune’…

One morning, I was just tempted to eat a plate of Idli. As I was in ‘panda mode’, didn’t really feel like going out to a restaurant with whom I was pretty happy before. I was happy with their food just to calm my soul which used to get restless to taste some good south Indian food. So without any option left, thought of trying out some restaurant online.

From one of the food delivery apps, I thought of trying out this restaurant whose name caught my attention and it’s menu did capture my mind – Madras Café.

Interesting part was, the moment I tasted the Chatni and Sambar, I was pretty sure the cook must be from my home town. Because it tasted exactly like the one we prepare at my place. With most satisfied south Indian gal, I now wanted to meet the cook in person just to know whether my guess was right.

So my friend (who loves south Indian food, infact more than me) and I went out to find the restaurant and have some great food.

This restaurant Madras Café, is at new DP road Aundh. Near Medi point hospital.

Even though it is not a huge restaurant, there are always good number of customers all the time(We visit there almost every weekend now.). Best part is, you don’t have to wait for your turn. They have enough space to manage things well.

The place is little, Happy and most importantly a clean place. They are quick at taking orders and the order will be served in quite less time. You don’t have to keep looking at other table for long while consoling your hungry soul waiting for food.

Now about my ‘guess’ about the cook. The one who is in charge of the restaurant seemed like one from my home town. By his dressing and the way he spoke. Because you know we all have our own accent based on our region. When I asked him about his native, his answer made me proud of myself. Haha because my guess was right. He and the cook, both were from my place. Well not exactly from my home town but a town which is next to mine.

Lets talk about the food. They have very good menu with different types of Dosa, Idli, Rice etc. Dosas are yummy, Idlis are soft and filter coffee is a favorite. I have got the whole menu for you.

Price, I can’t say very less but they are not definitely over priced too. Because if you opt for south Indian food at a mall, they will burn your pockets for food which are just average. So if you ask me, I find this worth the money.

Here is the menu.

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Here is the address and phone number.


Cash, card , paytm, mobikwik etc.

So to all my Pune readers – if you are from south India or someone who love south Indian food, you must visit this restaurant. I’m sure you will come out of restaurant with stomach and your soul filled up completely.

PS: this is my first food review. It’s not a sponsored one. Since I genuinely love this place and food, thought of sharing this with you.

I hope my Pune readers find it useful…. ☺️☺️

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