Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 17


Friday is here…!!!

In today’s Fun Friday post, lets get to know each other more…. From your favorite dessert to the most scariest thing you have done…!!!!


Here you go…!!!

What’s your favorite dessert???


I love chocolate.  I love these chocolate bombs to the core.

Do you cry easily?


I can’t really control laugh and tears.

Are you a religious person???


Na. I just believe in Karma.

What’s the most scariest thing you have done???



lived alone for some days(I had phobia of dark at night. Not anymore haha) , talked to a lizard looking at his eyes(Uhhh I’m still scared though. )

What’s one of your habits, which you are proud of?


I donate 1k per month to some charity or genuine people I know, who work for animal welfare. I had started this to celebrate my ‘increment in the salary’. But now it has become a habit which makes me feel pat my back.

It’s your turn now..!!!

Have a great weekend honey…!!!


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