We Are Not Perfect But Our Eyebrows Can Be


Have you heard the quote – Eyebrows speak louder than words…!!!

Hehe strange but true.

Shape of your Eyebrows can get those brownie points in the game of style.

A dear friend of mine, recently asked me to write a post about it. So here are the details about eyebrows which you might find useful.

Firstly, you know a strange thing about eyebrows??? It’s said that one of your eyebrows is prettier or rather thicker than the other…!!! Yes that’s true.


You must be thinking threading or giving shape to your eyebrows is all about removing those extra hair. Na. That’s not the case. You know you can get an illusion of a perfect face just by giving appropriate shape to your brows???

Let me tell you what must be an ideal shapes of eyebrows as per your face structure.

How to shape your eyebrows???

There are multiple way to do this.


Most popular one. Where the extra hair is removed using thread. I am sure you guys must know these things but still I would like to share them.

  • Make sure you apply talc before you thread. Drier the skin easier the hair removal process.
  • Also holding skin tightly makes the process less painful.
  • Always go with single beautician all the time. Because they know the perfect shape of eyebrows for you.
  • Also make sure they are well trained. Else they might end up hurting your skin while removing hair.
  • Post threading apply ice to sooth the area around eyes and apply good moisturising cream.



There are some wax strips available in market to remove the extra hair from eyebrows. But I am scared of this idea. I don’t want to take any risk. So do you.


There are some epilators or trimmers which does this hair removal trick. But before using it make sure you have good grip over it. Because one wrong move, you know the result. phew..

Shapes as per Face shape:

Threading or giving shape is not just about removing extra hair or giving shapes just because it looked good on someone else. It should be based on your face shape to make the eyebrows look great on your face.

Here are some different shapes of faces and ideal eyebrow shape for them.



Soft angled eyebrows looks great on oval shaped face.

Heart shaped face:


So you girls have this amazing pointed chin to give you a heart shape look. Use your brows as the top of heart. So your eyebrows and the chin gives that heart shape. So round shaped eyebrows make you look even more prettier.

Long Face:


I have heard a lot of girls complaining about their long faces. No worries you can play with your eyebrows’ shape to create illusion of shorter face. How??? A horizontal or flat eyebrow should do this trick.

Round face:


Uff we ladies are never happy with what we have. Are we??? Long faced girls want round face and vice versa. If you are not happy with round face which you might find ‘chubby’, do give this shape to your eyebrows – High arcs. The high points of eyebrows make your face look longer.

Diamond shape


So the beauties with diamond shaped face should focus on minimising the edges  and lessening the wide portion of face. So the curved eyebrows does serve this purpose.

Square Shape:

squareYour jaw line is your plus point. You can make your jaw line look prominent by giving that angled shape to your eyebrows. If you want to get that softer look, then try the softer curves for eyebrows.

I know I know, you might be thinking – in order to do these shapes we need thick eye brows. No worries, Mygirlypedia has solutions for most of your beauty queries. I have already posted about how to grow your eyebrows and lashes thicker. I have shared a formula to create a homemade gel to thicken the eyebrows. Do check here.




So these were the things I wanted to share about eyebrows. If you have any more doubts regarding this. Please feel free to reach me on my social media channels or in the comments section below.

Hope this helps for your next saloon visit.


Author: Mygirlypedia

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