Interview With The Guy Who Inspires To Live Life On Your Own Terms

Hello My Dear Reader,

If you are a Bollywood fan, you might have watched the movie ‘Tamasha’(fun). If not, I am pretty sure you must have heard or read about this epic dialogue, which goes something like this.

“Ek Barr Ek Hero Tha. 

Ussne Bahut Mehnat,

padhai, engineering ki.

Aur phir ussne naukri.

Usne phir naukri ki.

Phir who yunhi naukri karte karte ek din marr gaya. 

Kya huwa???Pasand nahi aayi ending???

Toh badal do….”

Which means,

“Once upon a time there was a hero.

He worked hard, studied and completed engineering.

Then he took a job.

Then, someday while working, he died.

What happened???

Didn’t you like the ending???

Then change it…!!!”


While the world is busy running the ‘rat race’ to a destination which most of them don’t know, there are few people who take the courage to fall out of the race and lead their own path. To a destination which they have dared to dream of. (Re read the words courage and dare)

Yes. Not everyone has the courage to stand alone or rather stand against ‘the society’ and live the life on their terms. Because “Log kya kahenge???” (What will people say???). In deed this one questions has killed thousands of dreams than anything  else, at least in India.

I said you need the courage to stand out of the crowd. Because the other ‘normal’ people who are part of this ‘society’ do point fingers at you. They do criticize you. They do question you, judge you. Bad part is they not only judge you but will also judge your parents for the ‘up bringing’. Uff it’s hard. Hard to make your mind resistant to these and make it a negativity free zone.

Well, you might have come across such strong people in the journey of life. I have too. But one person who has impressed me the most is this guy I came across in Instagram.

I have already written a post about him. But since he has unlimited source of positivity, courage and daring to fulfill his ‘zara hatt ke'(out of the world) dreams. I am saying this because I am sure you don’t even think of setting these goals. Because we don’t have such strong will power. Wanna know about him???

Do you remember the guy who got his eye balls tattooed??? Check the post here.

Well, his name is Karan. He is a tattoo & body modification artist. Well the first body modification artist in India…!!! See his transformation…!!!

Who has not only tattooed his eye balls but also his whole body. Now he has one more record in his name. You will get to know all his achievements by the end of this article.

As I said I was so inspired by his courage that I wanted to know what made him so strong and many more things about him. Hence I decide to interview him. I must say by the conversation we had in Instagram, I felt he is kind and down to earth person. There is this mind set in India. The people with piercing and tattoos are bad persons. Hello??? I have three tattoos too. I am not that bad. I have seen worst people with no tattoos. So stop judging..!!! Tattoos are amazing. You will understand it once you get one.

Anyways, back to Karan. 🙂

Here are some of the question I asked him. His answers have inspired me and be positive and carefree just the way he is.

Read on. I am sure even you will be amazed by him and his spirit. Ready??? Here you go…!!!

PS: It’s in the order

My question

Karan’s answer.

What I had to say about some of his thoughts. 🙂

1. Let’s start with very first (formal) question… Tell us about your family… their take on your achievements.PS: I have seen pictures of your dad. He is quite a cool dude. 😊

About My Family, I stay with Mom & Dad. I have an elder brother – he is 5 years elder to Me & stays in UK.

My family is happy and proud about what I have done by far in this life. They also know that it’s all a beginning & I have a long path to walk on. They recognise that my potential & goals are different. Dad said that he won’t restrict me like some other Indian parents and he won’t ask me to follow that same pattern of society to take a job, get married , make kids, raise them, get old and carry on all according to some age limits or out of the theory that we have to. My Dad knows I’m different, he understands my caliber and I understand his.

(I must say family plays a crucial role when it comes to living your life the way you want to. If you have support from your family, you never care about any one else in the world. )

2. What was thing that inspired to be a tattoo artist at first?

The concept of permanent art on skin was an intriguing factor for me since I was a 9 years’ old kid. I got my first tattoo when I was 13. I started doing tattoos when I was 16. Opened up my tattoo studio when I was 17 ( along with my 4 years’ hotel management course ) when the occupation of tattoo artist didn’t exist in India in the year 2007

I am a curious and an ambitious person. I always believed in myself regardless the world believed in me or not & when you rise in what you do – they believe in you as well.

(How amazing when your passion becomes your profession. You never feel that you are working. Every day excites you to get out of the bed and work. )

3. How did you start exploring the world of body art… Because body art was typically restricted to tattooing and piercing in our country for quite a long time…

I’ve been traveling to UK and US since I was 20 days old. I saw the aspects of body art that exist on this planet. Today, I have all the modifications that exist one can not even think of. It was not my plan but today my eyes, nose, ears, tongue, teeth, skin – everything is modified. I did because I wanted to, for my happiness because it’s my life and my body which I can run according to my choice. Also – when something happens, it’s according to God’s ( The supreme power’s ) plan even if we think it’s not according to us.

4. Could you please tell us what are the body arts you have done for your clients apart from tattooing and piercing… (Like tongue modification, permanent eyebrows etc)

Tattoos, piercings, ear modification reshaping, earlobe stretching, tongue splits, scarification, permanent eye lining, permanent lip lining, leucoderma white skin cover-ups, scar / burn marks cover-ups & many more

(I had mentioned one of his post in one of my post about permeant makeup. See how amazing it is. )

5. You have handful of records. Tell us the list of records you proudly own.

  • First was when I was 19. Guinness world record For making 199 flags on one man . Which we’ve increased now to 366 & is an unbreakable record.
  • Then first Indian ever in history to get eyeballs tattooed all black
  • First Indian to self perform tongue split
  • First Indian body modification artist
  • First Indian to get full body suit of black work style tattoo
  • First Indian to get all teeth permanent metal chrome implants. ( for which I got my natural teeth destroyed )
  • First Indian to make 100% head coverage tattoo Which is on Dad (That is why I said his dad is a cool dude)
  • First Ultimate modified Indian ( all parts of body modified )

There are many things which are the part of my bigger broader plan.

(Wow..!!! Many more to come..!!! )

6. No doubts you love tattoos. Even I do. But what was the moment you decided to get your whole body tattooed??? (I must say it looks super cool like some super hero)

I had many tattoos on me which we’ve been doing since years. Me and my team of artists from Chandigarh decided to cover them all and make full body suit one piece tattoo which no one has in India. I am proud to be Indian, I am an artist and I believe someone has to step up to bring the art game to different heights. I am lucky I chose myself for it.

( It’s so wired. When a software engineer  spends his whole life in front of a computer and doesn’t know what is personal life means, society calls him ‘hard worker’. But when an artist does this people often say it’s crazy. I think its passion. Unfortunately Indians doesn’t really admire the art as much as they admire an engineer or a doctor. )

7. How much time it took for whole body tattoo.?

Full body suit can take 5 years

We’ve already invested around a year and a half. Some work is left already & a lot of work is done. In another year I will share the images of first Indian fully inked body.


8. You are the first Indian to get your eyeballs tattooed. How was the procedure and please tell us about the care you had to take post that. Because I know taking care of tattoos for few days is more trickier than getting one.

I’ll share something with you no one knows.

Every body reacts and heals in a different way.

I had to stay in my room in dim lights for 2 months post procedure because if I would go in lights – my eyes would get strained and water out 24 hours.

I waited for them to heal and only then I shared about it.

It’s a risky thing. It was a mutual understanding between me and the person doing it that anything can happen, we will try our best to keep it safe. Even then I took the decision because I was willing to take risk for my happiness instead of regretting later that I didn’t take the chance.

Yes I could go blind and I imagined my life being blind. I was prepared for it. I was surprised after the procedure where we inject ink in the eyes by syringes because I could see properly ( I expected something else ) I did because I know I’ve just got one life and I don’t mind taking risks for my happiness.

(Pheww…!!! No pain no gain…!!! Would you take this risk and courage any day to achieve what you want??? )

9. Since I have 3 tattoos on my body, I know how amazing it feels to have them. You have whole body tattooed including your eyes, how does that feels like…???

I feel amazing, every morning I see myself in the mirror – I admire myself.

(As I said only those who have permanent tattoos can feel this amazing feeling. )

10. Just out of curiosity, how many piercings do you have on your body?

I might have around 22-26 piercings. I’ve got pierced around 130 times in which at least 100 times I would’ve done myself. I did my piercing training from Columbus Ohio US in which piercing myself and experiencing all types of piercings was a part of the learning process which I chose and did willingly.

11. Recently you have achieved one more goal of yours. First Indian to get full metal teeth implanted. I’m phobic to dentists, like most of us. I know the procedure wouldn’t be a cake walk. What was the procedure you underwent, care you took.

We get injected at the inside roof of the mouth, inside the gums – deep in the corners of mouth to make the area numb but sometimes it doesn’t numb fully. I’ll keep it brief- it took 2 and a half months to replace my teeth by all new chrome metal teeth implants during which I was on liquid diet ( as I couldn’t eat )

I did all happily by my own personal choice, it was something I was waiting for since around a year.

(Hats off from all of us who are phobic to a dentist’s chair. )

12. I have seen quite videos of yours where you do the Pierce your nose all by yourself. It takes hell lot of guts. How have you become so fearless… 😊

I have altered my thought process and belief system.

I possess no negative thoughts, emotions or words in my system. I have no fear – none.

Fear doesn’t control me. Emotions don’t control me. I control Me. If I want something – I’m willing to put the effort for it. If it involves pain or some sensation, I CHOOSE it.

When you accept – you are free. When you resist, you are stuck.

(I have somewhere read it that life is a balance between what we can control and what we can not. Learn to live between effort and acceptance. This holds true.

PS: I am not posting his videos. I know not all my readers are strong hearted. hehe)

13. What made you set these goals ? Like getting eyeballs tattooed or getting metal teeth implanted etc…

Me and My imagination

14. What’s your life’s mantra that you live by?

Enjoy freedom and free will, love each moment being content & happy. Give Unconditional love to All because life is short & unexpected. Time just goes ahead and when it’s gone – even willingly we can’t go back so make the best out of it.

(This is so true. Life is short live it while you have one. The way you want to. Not the way your colony aunty wants you to.)

15. Everything comes with positive and negative… Now that you are quiet famous, you must have received loads of appreciations as well as some negative criticism. How do you deal with this kind of negativity?

I ignore negativity. My time is precious- I invest my time thinking good thoughts, imagining my future and working towards it. I don’t let anything negative come in between my path. I jump ahead of the hurdles.

(Ahhh Ignorance is bliss…!!! )

16. Some lines for the one who is reading this.

If you’d read and understand carefully there are many lines which are my perspectives and ways to live life differently – which work best for me. I don’t recommend anyone to go extreme. I’d still recommend to enjoy free will & freedom by doing what you’d like to – to make you and others happy instead of doing what others want you to do / what society expects you to do.

To live life of freedom and individuality instead of a life of a prison.


Thank you so much Karan 🙂

Dear reader,

I hope his work, his words, his journey has inspired you. To live the life on your own terms and live life fully.

I enjoyed asking him questions and his positive answers. I hope you did enjoy them too…!!!








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