Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 18



Here is Fun Friday Post…!!!! Post where you get to know me more… Some of my readers are kind enough to let me know them more by answering the same questions… #Sweet

So, Here they are…

When was the last time you did something childish???


As I always say, everyone has a little child inside them. Never let that child die. Doing something childish is fun. Some might find it silly or crazy, unless and until it’s making you happy, do it. Never bother about other’s opinion.

So, the childish thing I did recently, I bought a Barbie doll for myself. Since childhood, I love dolls. I loved dressing up Barbie dolls. The hairstyling, dressing them up, trying out makeup on them. These are the things I really loved doing.

I know I know, girls of my age are buying dolls for their own kids. So what??? I bought to make myself or rather the that little girly girl inside me happy. You know what, I am sure in future when I will buy dolls for my own kids, chances are that I will keep those dolls for myself rather than giving them. haha.

PS: After knowing this thing I did, few of my friends did order Barbie dolls for themselves. It’s like reliving a part of your childhood after all.

What did you do???

Do you work??? Have you decorated your work place??? How???

I work as a IT professional. We gals who work outside home spend maximum time at our desk than at home. So I like decorating or keep the way I feel positive about. So here is the picture of my desk.

These tiny 3 puppies make me feel happy. Look at those mesmerising eyes.

Ahh that handsome green guy you see. He is hulk. Even though he looks tough, I find him cute enough to make me smile at him. Plus, his face resembles mine on Mondays…!!!

And yes that’s my Bagwati… (My dear pink handbag)

To those who work at home, you guys do way more work than we do. Decorating home is a whole different happy thing. Isn’t it???

Do share me the snaps or things you have done to decorate your work space.

Are you short tempered??? What do you do when you are angry??? How do you control your anger???


I am not really a short tempered one but when I get angry I really really get angry. It’s like installments. My anger piles up and then one fine day I burst out. (haha you know what I mean).

When I am angry I usually keep quite in front of the one who is responsible for it. But if he or she triggers me to open my mouth (out of their misfortune) I will just burst out saying the things which I have been wanted to tell from the very first time they had made me angry but had ignored to keep quite. #Typical

Control??? Umm… best way… Go to a remote place or best idea- wear helmet while riding your two wheeler and abuse the one who made you angry. haha. They are happy because they have no clue you abused them. You are happy because you don’t have anything in your heart that will weigh you down. Good enough???

Do you go shopping alone or you like to take someone with you???


I love shopping alone but I love it even more when I am with a like minded person. Who lets me shop and never judge my choice or give me lecture about ‘Importance of saving money’.

Also I hate going shopping with those who grabs things whatever I like. Try it and then say “It doesn’t suit me. Take it” (Hell no, keep it or keep it back. )

What about you???

Have you subscribed to any magazine??? Be it related to health/sports/business/fashion.. anything..


I have. I have subscribed to Vogue India.

It was my dream to get my hands on that magazine. I mean huge book(many pages one) with full of makeup and fashion related stuffs. Ahh as a little girl I used to find it attractive.

I had subscribed the print version couple of years ago. Recently subscribed the digital version. Which I can read in my mobile also.

Along with the reason, that I wanted to save trees, I also don’t have enough place to pile them up. Because throwing Vogue away is as sinful as throwing away any holy book. #Never

Now it’s your turn.

Enter your name and answer these question below.

No worries, I don’t expect 10 marks answers. Just a single word would do. haha.

Have a great weekend gal…!!! Stay happy..!!!

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One thought on “Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 18”

  1. According to psychology, people who get angry soon are good listeners as words hits their ears faster. We get angry when we do not get what we want from others. As a child we are taught to show anger to get what we want and therefore people show anger when they don’t get what they want.


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