R.I.P. Humanity


It’s Friday… You know how happy I usually am on Fridays… I also post Fun Friday posts on every Friday…. But today I am lost in a deep thought. I am not finding Friday really happy. I am not finding peace today. Reason??? I am thinking about this little girl about whom I read last night.

It’s about that little pretty girl, with those pretty big eyes from Kashmir. Who took birth in a Muslim family 8 years ago. She must be apple of her parents’ eyes, like every other child.


A week back, this little girl stepped out of her house to graze her horse. Little did she know about what the cruel world had for her…!!! She didn’t know that there was a pair of eyes which was looking at her with lu*t. She didn’t know that the man who was looking at her had already planned to end her life brutally just to fulfil his ‘needs’.

That bl@@*y man called his son(what a great dad huuh) and his ‘cop’ friend to be part of his ‘plan’. Also, asked them to get some medicines to execute the plan.

The girl was kidnapped. You know where those men took her?? They took her to a temple…!!! Yes the holy place of Hindus. Where the God resides. Which has been told to us as the most safest place you can ever find because evil can’t enter this holy place. Never. But today after listening to this whole story I know what I was told as a child was a myth.


She was fed adult doses of mental health medication to keep her unconscious in order to execute the ‘plan’. Those evil men – father, son (who happened to call his nephew part of this. Who came all the way from Meerut to be a ‘part’.) and of course the ‘cop’ who was employed to ‘protect’ the society. #Shame.

The little girl who has not even seen the world had to see the worst of what this world can offer. She was gang raped by 4 men repeatedly for 8 days. She was not provided with any food. They were shoving pills down her for 3 days.

Meanwhile, her parents were worried that her precious daughter was missing. They searched for her everywhere. When finally they came near temple, they were told that she might be at her friend’s place by the accused. While she was right inside the temple suffering.

Once they were ‘done’. They strangled her and broke her skull with a brick. Not once, twice. Just to be sure she was dead. You know when did humanity took it’s last breath??? They raped her again. While her soul had already left her little, broken body.

INDIA. – Unity in diversity. I would say ‘Thousands of problems in diversity’. Where people are more worried about release of a movie than about such crimes. Country where every thing will some how end up into a religious fight. Country where people just want their ‘religion’ to ‘win’. Even if they are on the wrong side. Country where rape has become every day’s news. Which are read by people on newspaper and forgotten. Even if the rapists won’t kill the victim, ‘society’ will make sure she will hang herself to death. How??? Making sure she will hear their ‘nasty comments’.

Best part??? Victim will be blamed for everything. Na not just because she was a female. Because she had not dressed ‘well’. It must be her fault…!!! Well, I came across this 3 liners. These 3 lines are the most powerful message I have read in recent times.


Like I said, almost everything ends up being a ‘religious issue’. Since the girl was Muslim and was raped and murdered by Hindus. Many Hindu women have started rally just to protect the Hindu men. Like seriously???? Do you have that organ which is responsible for a process called ‘analysing’ or ‘thinking’ called – Brain. Do those women want to protect those men so that they get ‘motivated’ to execute more ‘plans’ in the future???

It is not about religion. It’s about a crime. Crime that ended a beautiful innocent life of this child.


My heart sinks in pain while writing this. My eyes are wet. What must that little heart must be thinking while grazing her horse. How scared she must be while she was kidnapped. What pain she must have underwent in those 8 long days…!!! How hungry she must be. She must have cried for help. She must have prayed God to save her. She must have cried remembering her mom, her dada, her family, her home. She must have pleaded for life. Even though she was born and brought up as a Muslim, she must have looked at the ‘Hindu God’ to save her form this hell. Because when you are in hell all you need is that small way out of it. No matter how and where you get help from.

When her parents were just outside the temple, she may or may not heard their voices. What if she had??? What if she wanted to scream but couldn’t. She wanted to run towards her parents but she was unable to move. What… how… Why…..

How terrible her last moments must be. They broke her skull…. They shattered her soul.

How heartbreaking site it must be for her parents to see their little girl in that state. The smile which used to warm their heart, is no more. The girl who used to run around the home is lying dead.


People will read her horrifying story. Some feel pity some ignore. Some share the posts on social media. Some use hashtags to get justice for her. But eventually, they forget her. But her parents??? her siblings??? Will they ever be able to forget this inhuman incident??? NEVER.

Sharing posts, crying never gonna change the fate of Indian daughters. Marching with candles in hand, breaking government properties never help. I had read a tweet from one of the television actresses. She had said :

“Why is there a ‘Save Daughters’ campaign? I don’t particularly want a son, but I’m now afraid of having a daughter. What will I tell her? Why did I bring her from heaven to this hell?”

Women must stop voting for any party as they are so unimportant for this nation! It’s a ‘No Woman’s Land’ or a we live in!

This is true. Women are somewhere are responsible for this shit. No I am not talking like one more mor*n with that mentality. But because, most of the mothers out there, they treat their son like a prince. Treat them that’s not an issue. But make sure you teach him how to treat a girl with respect. While you teach your girl how to dress up, how to sit ‘properly’ , how to walk and talk and blah and blah, teach your sons the ‘manners’. Make sure you don’t end up raising one more rapist who will rape a gal in the future.


Since government is not taking any action against rapists, don’t we think it’s time to protect ourselves and our future daughters. ??? I know this is not just a single person’s job. Keeping knifes , pepper spray, learning marshal arts to protect ourselves are must these days. What else do you think we can do to take the steps towards awakening our ‘sleeping government’??? Stop voting is the first step I can see. Because the politician live for the ‘votes’.

What else do you think we can do to change the fate of this nation??? Or just want to be a silent spectator.

Since my heart is lost in the pain of this incident, no Friday post today. This must sound funny or silly. This is just a small thing I could do to morn for this innocent gal. Plus I am NEVER going to vote till government takes some action to STOP this inhuman acts. I don’t want to feel guilty for being part of the nation who contributed towards this irresponsible government. Where no gal is safe.


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