Simple Or No Makeup Look Tutorial


There are two types of girls. One who love makeup and one who doesn’t. Among the girls who love makeup, their preferences change. Some love bold makeup, some moderate and light sober makeup loved by many.

So, some of my friends and readers had asked me to create a simple look. Which does not involve any eyeliner or blush etc. A sober look.

Here is a short tutorial,where I have created this no makeup makeup look.

As the name suggests, makeup look which seems like you don’t have any makeup on your skin.

The key to this look is to give an illusion of a perfect flawless skin. For which, concealer is a must. I have used the one which I have reviewed here.

For this look, I have used these products:

  • Maybelline foundation
  • Maybelline concealer
  • Maybelline kajal
  • LO’real Paris mascara
  • The body shop lipstick

Here is the video. I hope it helps you. 😊

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Author: Mygirlypedia

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