Try These Tips to Get Bouncy Hair ‘Quickly’

No hair pack, no oiling, no heat… Just bouncy hair with shortest ways possible

It’s every gal’s wish to have thick and bouncy hair. Lucky are those who are blessed with such tress.

Even though the texture and color of hair come in gene, we can take a little care of our hair to improve it’s health.But taking care of hair is not everyone’s cup of tea. I takes lot of dedication and most importantly patience.

I have written couple of posts about hair masks to get thicker hair. This post is for an instant solution for thinner hair. You don’t have to get the ingredients to prepare packs or invest money on hair masks. Read on to know list of quick tips for bouncy hair.

Switch Your Part:

If you usually go for middle parting or side parting, change it. Because with usual parting, hair get struck. When you change the parting direction, it gives instant lift.

Conditioner Before Shampoo:

You must have read this point in this post of mine that how much conditioner is important for hair. While conditioner makes hair soft and shiny, it also makes it flat. Thus making it look a bit flat. So, let’s reverse the steps. Let’s make hair soft by applying conditioner. Then cleanse it with shampoo. Conditioner makes it soft and shampoo improves the texture, making it bouncier.

Back combing:

You must have seen hairdressers doing this back combing. All you need to do is, take little sections of hair and comb hair from end towards your head. This gives the illusion of thickness. But this does not lasts for long. Well, it doesn’t lasts if you don’t use a hair spray. Spray a good hair spray to keep this in place for long.

Hair clip for rescue:

You might wish to have that thick, bouncy ponytail. Ahh… Ponytail out of our thin hair doesn’t really meets up to our expectations. Isn’t it? No worries, let’s fake it until we make it. What’s say??? Well, in order to fake thick ponytail, let’s use a hair clip. How?? Split the ponytail into two halves. Place the clip inside and hide it with upper half of ponytail. Voila… That’s one Bouncy ponytail…!!!

Overnight Hairstyle:


Twist your hair in small section and pin it up. Then?? Sleep. 😉 When you wake up, unpin the buns to get those bouncy, beach waves.

You can use hair spray before hitting bed can make these waves last longer. If you do not have a hair spray handy, you can just wet your hair a bit before twisting and pinning them.

Blow Dry:

Flip your head upside down and use blow drier to dry your hair to add that volume.


While your hair is still wet, use a hair band to push the hair at the top a bit. Once the hair is completely dry, it gives the necessary lift to your hair. If you do not have a hair band handy, you can use your one of summer essentials, sunglasses. Use it just the way you would use a hair band.

Double Ponytails:

Tie double Ponytails one below the other. Make sure, they are tied close enough so that the upper pony hides the lower one, giving the thick hair look.


Yet times we suffer from hair loss. Or even thinner hair makes you look like you have suffered from a hair loss. All you need is eyeshadow that matches with color of your hair. Apply eyeshadow on the area where you have thin or no hair. This gives a look of lustrous hair.

Do not over brush:

Sounds wired. But combing hair a lot can make hair flat.

Hope you find this post useful to get those bouncy, thick hair look. 😉

PS: This is for one of my dear friends. If you also want me to write about any of your beauty queries, do let me know… 😊 Happy to help… 😊

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