Heart to Heart

What’s Your Superpower???


Today, on my way to office, I happened to read this advertisement board. Which read – “What’s Your Superpower???”. That indeed made me ask myself what my superpowers are… !!!

Flying high in the sky, running fast with the speed of light, turning things to something else, blah and blah and blah are the ONLY things considered as Superpowers??? 🤔

According to me, every home in the world has at least one superhuman. Walking around just like any normal human being, without any cape. In fact, you are one among them too. Yes. Superhuman is nothing but one who posess a superpower right??? You do have powers in you.

Your talent, your passion, your actions are your superpower. Your soft yet brave heart is your superpower. Ability to spread love is a superpower. Never giving up on your dreams is the real power.

World often make a gal or a woman feel weaker. Makes her feel inferior. But hellooo, even though we are physically weaker than males, we are as strong as diamond, mentally.

Best example came to my mind is Buddha. I love Buddha. I have his statues in my living room, in bedroom, at my work place too. It gives me positive vibes. I get inspired instantly when I read his quotes. But what I don’t accept, as a woman is the fact that Buddha before becoming enlightened man, abondened his wife and new born baby. Just because he couldn’t accept the facts of Life, to attain peace, he decided to leave his loved ones behind. Typical man I say. We women, hardly do that. Even though some men think that being woman is easy. Ahhh I wish someone could make them understand what it is to be a woman. How it feels someone looks at you with bad intentions, how it feels when someone judges you by your skin color, weight, kind of clothes you wear, grhhh list is endless. Protecting ourselves from eyes of eve teasers, those special rules of society which are applicable’Only for females’, ahh let’s not even get into the pain involved in menstrual cycles and pregnancy. But our power is we never give up because of these and many more issues that come on our ways. So as per me, we women are definitely are blessed with superpowers to survive, to win the battles of life.

In fact, right now, you are reading this post. You have the ability to read. That’s the power of education.

My hearts smiles out of respect for those single mothers, who play both the roles of a father and a mother for the children. Do you think it’s easy??? Na requires lot of patience and strength. That make them superheroes.

Ahhh being a mom is nothing less than any superheroes. Right from giving birth to raising a good human being takes a hell lot of superpowers. Don’t you agree???

Love unconditionally, care without expectations needs guts. That’s one of the superpowers.

To live the life on your OWN terms, not caring about what ‘people’ think, is a superpower.

Do what you like, to fall in love, to fall out of love, to start a new relationship, to end a relationship, to quit the job, to start new work, dress up the way you want to, everything that makes you out of the league requires will power. If you have that, well there you go – superwoman.

To have endless hopes, to embrace solitude, to raise your voice at right time, to stand up for what is right, to bring new changes do bring out superpowers within you.

To all those independent, feminine yet strong, brave yet loving women out there, you all have superpowers within you.

The next time if the world points at you saying that you are weak, do not forget to count your superpowers. We are born as heroes. With enormous strength and countless superpowers within. Raise and shine dearie.

So, What’s your Superpower???

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