Why Am I So Eager To Watch This Movie

As you can read in my ‘About Us’ section, I am a Bollywood lover. I love watching Bollywood movies and dancing like a Bollywood diva.

You know you are a Bollywood true fan when you are so much excited about releasing date of a movie…!!! I was super dooper excited for Bajirao Mastani since way before it’s release date. That was like peek of being excited. Till the time I watch the movie (mostly on first day itself), I won’t usually calm down. In case of Bajirao Mastani(being a huge fan of Deepika Padukone since day 1), I watched it thrice in a theatre. Pheww…


Currently, I am so much excited to watch this movie called – Veere di wedding…!!! Even though it gives those vibes of the famous chic flick – Se* and the city, the makers of this movie says it’s no where related to that series.

The moment I watched this trailer, I am eagerly waiting to get inside the theatre to watch this movie while munching my favorite cheese popcorn…!!! yummy

Did you watch the trailer??? Did you like it????

Let me tell you why I am excite to watch this movie…!!!


Girl Power:


This is about 4 girl friends. Ahh that’s indeed a relaxing one. Because honestly, I am a bit bored of 2 girls fighting over one boy or vice versa. I mean most of the movies portray two girls as frenmies rather than friends. But here in this movie, they stand by each other in fun and in tough times. This bunch of 4 girls’ friendship is something I am really looking forward to.

Style and fitness Inspiration:

Sonam is our own fashionista. The thing I love about her is she never hesitates to try out something out of the world. She has this daring and art to carry anything and everything with grace.


Kareena Kapoor Khan, I used to be her huge fan. Some people used to call me by her name back in college. As I had danced like her and my expressions were just like her while dancing. hehe. Now, post her pregnancy, she has lost so much weight and she is looking gorgeous than ever…!!! Such an inspiration to be fit..!!! Looking at the trailer, I can say definitely these girls are high on the style game.


Girl talk…!!!


It’s so relaxing when you spend time with your girlies. We girls have a gala time whenever we sit together and talk our heart out. These girls do the same. Talk about boys, marriage, ‘life sucks’ to ‘Life is fun’ statements, everything…!!!How relatable… Ahh don’t forget those fun night outs with your girls… wink

Abus*ve words…!!!


Haww you use abusve language??? Well, we all do. You admit it or not. Especially while talking to your girl friends about your problems(read it as frustration), yes we do. At least I do. haha. Anddd the dialogue by Sonam about marriage, in the beginning of the trailer is my favorite. Because I say the same. Well, adding one more to my list – Blody Mother lover…!!!! #Hilarious

4 girls 4 different problems

We all have our set of own problems. These 4 girls too..!! One is not happy in marriage, one is about to get divorced, one is breaking her marriage, one, well just like most of us meeting boys for the ‘arranged marriage’ business.

They are not perfect and that’s make them perfect.

Just like their lives, they are not perfect either. Swara Baskar is not like any other typical married woman. Who gets up early to take care of her family’s comfort. She parties, she smokes, drinks.  Well, she is leading her life in her own way. Imperfect but perfectly happy. We have Shika who is representing plus size beauties, she made sure that every gal should love her curves. Her wearing bikini to flaunt her curves is the big example.

Instead of watching just everything perfect, barbie dolls having a perfect lives, it’s so much fun to watch a movie where we can relate and enjoy with our girl gang. I can’t wait to watch the movie with my girlies…!!!!

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