This is How You Can Make Use of Your Unwanted Cosmetics

There are at least few set of expensive makeup products, that are on our ‘yet to be used’ list. It also happens that, we have bought some cosmetics by making a huge hole in our pockets. But, unfortunately it didn’t succeed in spelling it’s magic on us. It’s a hard situation isn’t it? Can’t use but can’t throw them away either…

Umm what can we do to make most of the cosmetics that didn’t really worked for us???

Let’s see…

Nail Paint:


Yet times, we buy certain’out of the world’ shades, thinking that we are gonna rock it. But sigh it didn’t make your nails look good. Instead of throwing it away, let’s use it differently.

  • To differentiate keys, paint your keys with nail paints. Next time you are searching for that one particular key from the bunch of keys, you save your time.
  • Applying nail paint on the metal also helps to protect the metal from rust.
  • You can use your old nail paint to seal an envelop.
  • You can stop a run in your tights from getting bigger by applying transparent nail paint from outside , inside over the run.
  • Often the labels on some food or medicine box gets smudged. But if the information on the label is really important, how do you protect it from smudging??? You can apply transparent nail paint over labels of any food box or medicine box to prevent labels from smudging.




When you are addicted to shopping lipsticks like me, you do end up buying few duds here and there. Of course we can’t just throw them away. But obviously can’t use them, because of shade, texture etc. What else can we do with that??? Let me tell you.

  • As an eyeshadow. We can’t wear certain colors on lips but we can use that same color on our eyelids as eyeshadow and still rock the look. Blend a layer of lipstick on eyelids to use it as eyeshadow.
  • To write a note. Use lipsticks to write note on mirror or paper. It adds that girly factor to the note too. You know what I mean. **wink**
  • As a cheek tint. Certain shades of pink, red and some neutral shades can be applied on cheeks as a blush. Instead of spending money on buying new cheek tints or blush, just dab a layer of lipstick on cheeks. Blend it to get that flushed look.
  • As a corrector. You might have read my post about concealers. They are used to correct the skin. It hides the skin issues like marks and gives you a nice, flawless finish. In the same post I have mentioned that concealers come in different colors. Depending on shade of your skin and how severe the skin issues are, you get to choose the right concealer. Some use read concealer to hide dark circles and unevenness around eye area. If you already have a red lipstick and you are not confident enough to carry it, don’t throw it away. Use it as a corrector next time.


Lip Liners:


You guys have already read my post explicitly written about lip liners. Now, if you have some lip liners which you are not using currently, may be for the color or texture – let me tell you how to make use of them.

  • If you have neutral shade or dark shade lip liners, use them as eye liner to draw lines on your eyelids.
  • You can use dark brown shades to fill in the eyebrows too…!!!
  • Gift them to a little kid. So that he or she can use it as a crayon. (Just kidding)


Petroleum Jelly:


Almost every house has this tiny box of petroleum jelly, somewhere in the corner. Even though these are on high demand during winters, to treat chapped lips. I have a dedicated post for you where I have listed a long list of the ways how this jelly can be used. Here is the direct link to the post. I am pretty sure you will be surprised to know some of the uses for sure.

Talc/ Baby Powder:


This is considered to be the basic beauty enhancement product you find at home. But what you might not know that even an expired talc or baby powder can be used to solve many of your beauty issues. Since the list is quite long, I have posted all the uses of talc powder in skin and hair care here. Search the word ‘powder’ in the search box below or click here.

So the next time while arranging your makeup bag or throwing away those unused cosmetics, do remember the tricks I shared with you. 🙂

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