Heart to Heart

Life is All About You

All About You….

Na I am not just talking about Deepika Padukone’s clothing line, it’s something more.

The other day I bought a top from the same brand. Deepika is been my favorite since day one. Be it because of her beautiful dimple smile, her sportive spirit or may be because her stylish self. Or may be because of her strong spirit to talk about depression, openly, without even thinking about her star value. While I was holding the top I had bought, just looking at the brand name, a thought triggered in my mind.

It’s just not a tag name, it in deed has a deep meaning. In fact her brand name is just enough to explain what our life is all about…!!! It’s all about you…

Lately, I wasn’t feeling good about myself. Ahhh happens. Sh*t happens. Even though you have everything you need, you tend to crave for something you want. In my case, I am pretty much content with what I am blessed with. But, as much as I don’t care about what so called ‘society’ thinks, I tend to get effected by the way my loved ones think, behave. I know it’s easy to say and hard to implement that you should not be effected by what others think. Especially when ‘others’ are your ONLY world. 🙂 It’s ok. Absolutely ok. Because, at the end of the day they are human beings too. They also have their own issues and concerns.

Also, yet times we end up in this huge war within ourselves. The war between heart and brain is something that puts us in the biggest dilemma. Don’t you agree??? 😊 Where we tend to lose ourselves.

I don’t know how far you believe about ‘signs’ that angels show you when you are lost, I do believe. I believe in magic. It’s just that, when you are sad or lost, you tend to come across some sentences that can have a message for you, which is apt for that particular moment. It might be as simple as an advertisement hording…!!! This is what happened when I saw this brand tag. All About You….

They say, life is just the way you look at it. Hence it depends only on you, how you see life. It is definitely not about what you have in life that makes you happy. It is about how you see it, makes you happier.

If you are not happy with your life, YOU got to work on it. If you are not happy with your job, change it. Not happy with people around, change.

If you are in pain, that’s because you choose to suffer instead of emerging out as a hero. You are sad, that’s because you are the one who were expecting more from wrong people. Somebody doesn’t treats you well. Why??? That’s because you let them treat you that way.

No matter what is the issue or things weighing you down, remember YOU are the solution to it. You need to act on it in order to change your life, your perception.

Only you can turn your tears into laughter. No matter how much the world tries to make you smile, you got to use your facial muscles to create that beautiful smile. Hehe.

Ahh, between, about the war between brain and heart, listen to heart. If everything is good with decision you made by listening to your heart, stay happy. If not, learn from your mistake. Stay happier, because at least you tried. Live with no regrets. 😊

Last but definitely not the least. I have told you this zillion times. Self love. Yes, unless and until you are not happy with yourself, I don’t think you can be comfortable with anybody out there. Nobody is perfect, just like you and I. Accept the imperfections and work on it. Because self improvement is never ending. Just embrace yourself because life is just ALL ABOUT YOU… 💖

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