Your Nail Shape Says A Lot About Your Personality. Check Yours…!!!

Most of us love our nails so much…!!! When a nail breaks, it aches more than a heart break. I’m sure many of you people can relate to what I’m saying.

I personally love long nails too. I take a good care of them with regular trimming and filing. How about you??? Do you love your nails too???

There is something interesting about nails. You guys must have known that the health of your nails says a lot about your overall body health. What you might not know is the shape of your nails, ummm I can say the shape you give to your nails can say a lot about your personality. Interesting, isn’t it???

Wanna know your personality based on your nails’ shape??? Hop in…


You are a sweetheart and a very simple person with a touch of classic taste. People love you for the charm and warmth you spread. Just like your cute nails, you like to keep your home cute and clean. Plus, you are a low maintenance person.

Almond :

The almond shaped nails say that you are dedicated to your job. You always make sure you come up with resolutions. You are classy and dedicated.


You are bubbly girl with a lovely heart. You make people fall for you with your purity. You are kind, loving and optimistic. People open up to you without being judged.


You take a lot of time to make any decisions. Which makes people think you are under confident. But, you are wise. Wise enough to make right decisions and once you make your mind, you never look back.

Lipstick :

You always stand out of crowd. You are different and you love it. What world thinks, never really bothers you much. You are happy and confident in your own skin.

Ballerina :

You are the definition of self love. You know your worth very well. Hence you will never settle for anything less than you deserve. The way you maintain your nails shows, how well you maintain yourself and of course your life.


You are the confident gal around, with style and attitude. You know exactly what you want. Most of the girls are jealous of who you are.


You are a true diva. You make Head turn. You have this stylish personality which is addictive.

So, what’s your nail shape says about you!?!!

Author: Mygirlypedia

Encyclopedia of A Girly Girl...

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