Fun Socks To Keep You Warm and Happy This Winter

Winter is here…!!!

All the blankets are out to keep ourselves warm and cozy. One piece of fabric we usually use more during winters being the socks.

Feet get dry and heels get cracked due to the cold weather. In order to protect them from the winter, we do end up using socks. With gloomy weather, you don’t really have to wear those boring socks anymore. Instead, try adding colors and fun with socks.

Back in those days we used to get colorful socks only for the infants. But now, irrespective of age, you get so many funky options in socks. Not just the size or the fabric, there are so many designs to choose from.

Formal/ plane ones:

Some like to color co ordinate their outfit and their socks. They fall into the category of ‘descent’ ones. Especially if you are wearing socks to your work place or to a formal event, don’t even think of funky socks. It might make you miss those brownie points in fashion meter.

Simple patterns:

If you don’t like too loud yet you want some fun in your socks, choose socks with minimal prints. Like polka dots or floral designs with tiny flowers, be it simple colorful lines etc.

Cartoon Ones:

There are bunch of people who believe that we are never too old for Disney. I belong to this category too. Do you??? If yes, there are plenty of websites over their who offer some amazing Disney characters printed on socks. Checkout my latest buy from one of such websites. Needless to say, I love power puff girls hence the choice.

Super Heroes:

Even though they are cartoon characters, super heroes have been super special. If you love super heroes, here you go. Superman at your rescue.

Pet Lovers:

If you love furry kids and their cute little paws, I have a sweet option for you. You can buy socks with prints of animal paws. As you wear them, your feet is going to look exactly like their mom’s. Haha.

Aloe Vera infused:

Health being the top priority of the most unhealthy generation of ours, there has been some socks made out of healthier content. There are socks with aloe Vera content in it. Which is going to improve the health or texture of your feet by keeping it moisturised and protected. Cool huun???

Bamboo Socks:

Na they are not as hard as the bamboos. But they have the fibers made of bamboo which makes these socks healthy. They are best suited for people with diabetes. The fact bamboo fibers have thermos regulating qualities, it helps in keeping your feet warm in the winters and cool in the hot season.

Seasonal Socks:

There are socks with festive designs. As the Christmas is nearing, there are so many verities of socks available with Christmas designs to give you that festive vibes.

Let your socks do the talking:

There are socks with some witty, funny quotes. Choose them as per your ‘need’ 😜

These are some of the fun socks I could quickly think of. Have you come across any fun or may be unusual socks??? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

Happy Winter….!!!!!

Author: Mygirlypedia

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