While Fitting In The Classifications and Divisions of The World

While browsing through the Instagram feed I came across this beautiful video of two kids hugging each other. If you are thinking what’s so special about this video, do have a look at this video.

Isn’t it beautiful. This made me so happy and also think what we were when we were of that age.! I felt that we all were once a clean slate. Which is not so clean anymore..!!

Just think about it; when we were born, we have no tags attached, not even a name. With few minutes of our presence on this planet, we are given so many tags and norms to follow.

Firstly we were divided in terms of gender. If you are a boy you are expected to do certain things and if you are a girl you must obey and follow certain things. Each gender has do’s and don’ts to be ‘strictly’ followed to be on the good books of those 4 people (char log/ society).

Then we are given a name, that is not an interesting part. The interesting part here is the surname. Surname comes as a part of religion or the cast you belong to. It’s kind of an indicator of your whole family, religion etc. Needless to say, we were then divided based on religion. Umm that is not the end, it’s just a beginning. With every religion comes a number of castes. These castes are further divided into sub castes. Phew. You are supposed to follow certain customs and traditions that are attached with them.

There also a classification based on our skin colour. Some find fair skin beautiful. Some find Dusky skin gorgeous. There are people in the world who treats you based on your skin colour. Which is really unfortunate.

During the education we were divided into different categories. On a lighter note. like first bencher last bencher. Scholar, failure. We were also divided based on the stream we chose – science commerce arts etc.

Then comes the degree part. Where we decide what we want to be, in order to impress the society and parents. Also to make sure that our purpose of taking birth is fulfilled. Society divides us or we divide ourselves into the categories like engineers, doctors, architect, butcher, driver, house maker etc.

How can we forget money. I mean this is one thing that is driving us and the world crazy. This is something we all fight for and run the rat race for. Isn’t it. The amount of money one have can get him respect in the society. Even if you don’t agree with me right now deep down you know that’s true. If one has money he can escape all the crimes made and still be treated well out there.

Ahh I forgot one thing we are widely and popularly divided into – countries. Let’s not talk about the problems we have inside the country. Like the problems states of same country, have within each other. But, in the name of country we are forgetting one major thing that is humanity. We are fighting over countries. Killing innocent people and animals. This classification is really the worst of all.

Take a minute think about what you were and what have you become now. Weren’t we all happy kid, just like these kids in the video. Agree or no, the very reason this video went popular because the kids have different skin colour. Irrespective of that, they are so happy with each other’s company.! As you can see they are unaware of all the ‘classifications/ categories’ of the world. They are very happy to see each other and their just enjoying their lives, every moment.

Do you ever feel that life would be so simpler if we were as same as we were when we were born. Happy, innocent, curious and most importantly pure hearted. No negativity, no cruelty. Just happy and content.

I know people say that the world is cruel outside and you need to face the world you need to change and shape yourself in such a way that you to survive in this world. But tell me one thing, who is world? we are the world. We the human being, who are the most dominant creature on this earth are the significant part of the world. If we were kind to ourselves, to all the people out there, I don’t think there will be much negativity and cruelty left. I know it’s impossible to achieve but I really wish if we had a heart like a baby then our lives and most importantly this planet earth would be so much happier and safer place to live.

With amount of cruelty and bloodshed that is happening all over the world, love and kindness are what this world needs the most.

let’s be kind to ourselves to the world let’s stop criticizing or treating people based on their religion, caste, education qualification, occupation, economical status Let’s just accept people for their nature and good deeds. I hope we stop shedding blood in the name of religion, caste, country, instead we work towards welfare of our one common home – mother earth.

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