Winter Edition : Skin, Hair and Body Care Routine Using Chemical Free Products

Hello My Pretty Reader..!!

My favourite season is here..! Cool breeze, hot food and cozy bed sound perfect to me..! While we need layering of clothes to protect ourselves from cool breeze, our skin and hair also need layers of moisture to survive in the cold.

So, in this post I am going to share some of my favourite products I have been using lately to nourish my skin and hair. Do you know the best part? All these products are chemical and cruelty free.!

Let’s start with hair first because as I always say, hair is our crown.!

Hair :

Cool breeze makes our hair dry and brittle. When hair becomes brittle, it will result in hair breakage. Hair fall is nothing less than a nightmare. For hair, extra moisturization is a must to keep it healthy. Aloe vera is very well known ingredient to help us get best version of hair and skin. I have a personal recommendation if you are looking for a good aloe vera gel. My recommendation would be from this homegrown brand called Deyga. Texture says it all..!! 🙂

You can buy your tub of aloe vera gel here.

Let me tell you how I use it.

  1. Dampen hair. Because when hair is damp absorption is better.
  2. Apply aloe vera to hair.
  3. Tie it up in a bun and leave it on for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Wash with regular shampoo and conditioner.

Aloe vera adds hydration and leaves hair super smooth and silky.!

Facial Skin:

Scrubbing :

Scrubbing is a process where we remove the dead skin cells to get soft healthy skin. If you have dry skin there is good chance that the scrub can leave your skin way more dry.

So I prefer to use my own homemade scrub when my skin is dry. Mix aloe vera and coffee powder and use it as scrub to scrub away dead skin cells. While coffee granules act as mild scrub, aloe vera makes sure my skin is moisturised.

Face Pack :

To add much needed moisture to facial skin, I again use aloe vera as a face pack. You can apply it directly on skin or you can use it as a base to your favourite face pack. Whenever I am feeling lazy, my go to face pack would be a thick layer of aloe vera gel. Wash off after 15 minutes.

When I am in a mood for extra pampering, I use aloe vera as the base and mix it with other ingredients like gram flour or fuller earth. Both the face packs work wonders.!

If you have acne prone skin, you can mix tea tree oil to your face pack. Make sure you dilute it as concentrated tea tree oil can harm your skin. If you are not used to using tea tree oil, I have a good alternative for you.

This is something I prefer to use when I have breakouts. This is a tea tree toner. You can use it as a toner by spraying it on cleansed face. Also it works perfectly as a face pack base. Things I liked about it is that it gives cooling effect and helps in reducing the active acne. All thanks to its antibacterial property..!!

Checkout the Tea Tree Mist Here.

Body Care :

Just like facial skin, skin covering our body also requires equal care. To avoid dry flaky skin, we should make sure we use products that are moisturising.

This handmade soap from the same brand has been added to my ‘good product list’ recently. Thing that made me love this handmade soap is the fact that it makes my skin all soft and supple after bath. My skin doesn’t scream for hydration soon after getting out of shower, which is the usual case.!

Checkout the Range of Handmade Soaps Deyga Has to Offer..!!

Also if you have pimples on body, you can apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel over it. Aloe vera gel helps to dry out body pimples and heals your skin.!

This is my winter skin & body care routine.

Do try this out and hope you will love the products as much as I do.

Happy winter…!!!

*** This blog post is sponsored by Deyga ***

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