Myntra Haul


When I shop, the world gets better..! – This is a famous dialogue from the movie Confessions of A Shopaholic..!!

Me being one, I can exactly relate to this dialogue. For me, shopping is more of a therapy, a retail therapy. When I lift my shopping bags, ahhh the feeling is great..!

Now that the definition of normal life has been changed, I do miss going to shop and buying stuffs. Nowadays it’s mostly online. Even though I don’t get to swipe my credit card and lift my bags, I do get happiness while unpacking the packages I receive post online shopping..!

So here is one such happy video of unpacking my recent haul from online store – Myntra.

Firstly, this is not a sponsored post or an ad. Theses are the stuffs I have bought from my hard earned money haha..!

Haul has Kurtis, t-shirts and trousers. Do watch the happy video below.

Also if you like any of the apparel, let me know which one in the comment section. In case you wanna buy any, the description box of the video has shopping links as well.

So recently

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