When was The Last Time You Appreciated Yourself?

Appreciation, a gentle yet much needed push we all need once in a while to continue this journey called life. This push not only brings us joy and happiness, but also helps us to give our best in whatever we do. Agreed?

Appreciating someone for their little or big achievements is one incredible thing to do. Na, not all can do that. If you are one of those who appreciate whole heartedly, you are an amazing person..! I appreciate you for that..!

I know it feels so good to receive appreciation for our achievements or good works, but what we often forget is what is called ‘Self Appreciation’. Where you appreciate yourself for your own good work/ deeds.

So, when was the last time you appreciated yourself ??? What for??? Come on, there must be something. I am sure there is. No matter how small or big that achievement is, you need to appreciate your own self. If you still find nothing, at least for this incredible journey you have had till date..!! It is worth the appreciation.

The other day I was going through an old album. I came across this beautiful picture of mine which was clicked when I was a little girl. That bright smile, that joy in the eyes with which that little girl was looking at me, made me feel soooo good. As if that little girl was so proud of me..!!

This made me look back to my journey or rather this beautiful transformation of this innocent little girl into a strong independent lady.! 

Journey wasn’t really easy but it was totally worth it. Lessons I learnt along the journey is something that I will never ever replace it with something else.! I will never ever trade for. 

We often see others and appreciate them for their achievements. Sometimes big achievements and sometimes even a little ones. We congratulate someone for even buying a car or a house..! But we often fail or rather forget to look at our own selves and give credit for making it so far..!! Don’t you feel so?

We all were once a caterpillar who have now grown into this big beautiful butterfly. Just like how a butterfly doesn’t know how beautiful its wings are, how it doesn’t know its beauty, we often tend to take a minute of pause to look at our own achievements and appreciate it. How incredibly we have changed through this journey of life. We fail to pat our back for overcoming the phase of life once we thought was the end of life.!

If you are still wondering what your achievements are that are worth appreciating… Here, let me give you a very recent one – 2020. What a year..!! If you are reading this, thst means you have made through it. Thats definitely nothing less than any achievements. It was in deed challenging mentally, physically and even financially. You made it. ***Applaud***.

There were yet times where you thought you wouldn’t make it through that phase. But you stood up, fought and made it..!! Congratulations on that never give up attitude 

Oh if you are a mother or a homemaker, you have a whole level of list to appreciate yourself for. For keeping everyone else before you in your own priority list to those sleepless nights for taking care of your family. A big big applaud.

I am sure if you look back, you will get n number of scenarios of life where you are worth all the appreciation. May be for what you achieved, for what you learnt, may be for that fearlessly loving nature of yours, for that incredible heart of yours that forgives others and still continues to believe in goodnesses ahh there are a lot and lot of such things you can think of about yourself for yourself to appreciate yourself. ..!

I am sure, by now there is a list ready in your mind. Let’s do one thing, sit back and relax. Take a pen and a paper right now and list down those scenarios or achievements or any small or big it might be write it down on that paper. I am sure as you start writing down, you remember more and more of it where you didn’t give yourself enough credit. That list will surely bring a smile on your face and warm your heart.

Note of Love : If you are wondering how to appreciate yourself? You can stand in front of the mirror (non mandatory) and say appreciating words. Or you can treat yourself with a good reward. Be it your favourite dessert, item in your Wishlist or anything that makes you feel special, makes you feel loved.!

Next time, when you remember to be kind (as kindness is something this world needs the most RN), also remember that kindness starts with YOU..!!!

Keep Smiling..!!

If you are a Kannadiga/ someone who understand Kannada, you can checkout the Kannada version of same content in my latest YouTube video 🙂

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