Shopped at Phoenix After One Year


If you have been following my blog, you know how much I love shopping. If you are also a shopaholic, high five..!! Because shopping it’s not just a therapy for us, it’s an art and we are the artists.!

Due to the pandemic all the malls (read it as wonderland of a shopaholic) were closed. After more than a year, I finally managed to go to Phoenix mall and spent a day doing thing I love to do the most – Shhhooooppppiiinnngggg..!!!

First and foremost I ran to my love Sephora and bought some skin care and makeup stuffs. I am also a huge fan of home decor and Chumbak is a brand I love for those home decor items. They are cute and girly..!

Also visited couple of cute shops who has a lot of cute stuffs to offer. Miniso is one of those shops who has girly things within the budget.

If you wanna see what’s inside my shopping bag, things I bought, watch watch..!!

Hope you enjoyed the video..!

What did you like the most? Do you want me to film a video while I am shopping? Wanna see that glow on my face when I shop.? 😀 Comment below..!! ❤


Author: Mygirlypedia

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