12 Ways You Can Use Baby Oil In your Skin Hair and Self Care Routine

When it comes to skin care or any product in general, we all love multipurpose one. I mean a product that can be used in multiple ways. Sounds so time saving and of course economic..! Isn’t it?

If you are following my BUDGET BEAUTY series on YouTube, here is one more to the list – Baby oil. 

Baby oil or if you consider baby products as a whole, they are very mild and can also be used by adults. Yes.! So baby oil is not just for a baby, it is for someone as precious as a baby, you..! 

Now let’s see how we can use it in 12 different ways in our daily skin, hair and self care. Ready?

Which one would you like to go with? Let’s go with skin care first. What’s say??

Skin Care:

  1. Face Oil:

This is again a debatable topic whether baby oil is good to be applied on face. Well the last time I checked it is quiet light weight hence most of the people do approve it. I personally find it working for my dry skin. But if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, I don’t really suggest oil for face.! 

2. Under Eye Treatment:

If you do not have budget for eye cream, baby oil can come handy. Apply a layer of baby oil on the under eye are and you can pat a tissue to absorb the extra oiliness. This will add moisture and takes care of the delicate under eye area. 

3. Makeup Remover:

We spend so much money on makeup removal products. Balm, cleanser, wipes, oil etc etc. Do you know baby oil exactly works like a makeup remover?? Plus the added moisture..! 

4. Lip Scrub:

Dry and chapped lips? Make a lip scrub at home using baby oil as a base.! You can mix it with sugar or rose petal powder to scrub away dead skin cells..! Hello soft pink lips.! 

Hair Care:

For Dry Frizzy Hair:

Na na, if you are thinking of applying baby oil directly to your hair, no, not suggested.! Then how to use it? If you have dry frizzy hair that needs instant hydration and shine, take few drops of baby oil on a tissue. Now run it through your hair.! This will make sure your hair gets adequate amount of hydration plus shine without making it look greasy.! 

Body Care:

  1. Bath Oil:

If you are a dry skin beauty yet you love long hot showers, add few drops of baby oil to your bathing water. It will make sure your skin doesn’t lose it’s moisture while you enjoy your hot water bath.

2. Body Moisturiser: 

To make your skin look and feel moisturised for long, apply few drops of baby oil on to the damp skin right after getting out of bath. This will helps to lock the moisture thus serving the purpose. 

3. Cuticle Oil:

In order to make your nail grow stronger and longer, cuticle care is important. If you are thinking of spending money on cuticle oil, hold on, instead spend it on baby oil. It is much cheaper and acts exactly like cuticle oil if applied on cuticles before going to bed every night. 

Self Care:

  1. Shaving Cream:

When we are in hurry and want to get rid of unwanted hair, we do reach out for razor. In order to make the razor glad smoothly, we need shaving cream or oil. Baby oil can be used for this purpose.! 

2. Post Waxing Aid:

Do you use wax strips for hair removal? I do.! As much as I love how clean it makes my hands and feet feel, I hate the fact that it does leave these nasty sticky patches. Getting rid of them is a whole different task all together. In those situations, baby oil comes as a great help. Just apply a layer of baby oil, massage a while and wash. Wo clean skin..! 


Yes baby oil can be used in daily makeup routine. How?

  1. As a Highlighter:

Highlighters are the quick fix to get that glow. Baby oil can replace highlighters.! Add few drops of baby oil to your foundation/ BB Cream/ CC cream or moisturiser and enjoy that dewy glow.! 

2. Lipstick to Lipgloss:

Wanna see magic? Let’s turn your favourite lipstick into gloss. Apply your lipstick. Now dab few drops of baby oil on top of it. Now isn’t it cool??

 Hope you find this post useful..!

In case you want free demo of all these, watch watch..! 

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