Recipe of A Mask That Can Be Used On Face and Body to Enhance Your Beauty

Hello Beautiful,

If you love trying out DIY beauty stuffs, then Mygirlypedia is the perfect place for you.!  Where you’ll get multiple DIY recipes, which I am sure you will love!

Today’s DIY potion which I would call ‘Beauty Enhancer’ is here.

Let’s see the ingredients we need & of course the benefits of using them.

Gram Flour:

  1. Gets rid of pimples
  2. Moisturiser Dry skin
  3. Reduces oiliness
  4. Exfoliate dead skin
  5. Removes tan
  6. Removes fine facial hair.

Orange Peel Powder:
  1. Brightens skin.
  2. Remover blackheads.
  3. Regenerates skin
  4. Reverser Sun Damage.

  1. Treats discolouration
  2. Removes dead skin cells.
  3. Prevents pimples
  4. Removes blackheads
  5. Removes Whiteheads

Olive Oil:
  1. Moisturises skin
  2. Refreshes skin
  3. Removes signs of ageing
  4. Natural sunscreen
  5. Eliminates Eye-bag.

Take these ingredients in the suitable quantity, mix them & apply it on your face.

Let the potion do it’s magic while you sit back & relax!

Once it is semi dry, that’s when we are going to gently rub your face with clean hands. 

Now wash your face using warm or cold water.

Oh hello glow godess!!

Hope you find it useful!

You can find the video of making this mask on YouTube here.


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