Hair Care

How to and Why to Use Microfibre Head Wrap

Hair when wet, is prone to breakage. Wet hair needs extra care. I had seen many people using this microfibre hair wrap to wrap wet hair. Since I had heard good reviews about it, wanted to try it out. 

Last time I had been to Decathlon, I saw a rack full of hair wraps. So bought one for myself. This post is totally dedicated to how to use and why to use a microfibre hair wrap. 

This is how hair wrap looks like.

It’s super soft and smaller than body towel. Big enough to cover head.! 

It has a button and a band.

Now take all the hair forward and with button side of the wrap should be behind your head, put the hair wrap as shown below. 

Twist a bit. 

Put the band around the button. It acts like a lock system and makes sure the wrap is in place.!

Now that we know how to use, let’s see why to use.

  1. Microfibre wrap is very gentle to hair. 
  2. Absorption of water is faster so hair dries quickly.
  3. It does not leave your hair dry.
  4. It doesn’t damage your hair like any hot hair styling tools would. 

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