DIY Spot Treatment to Cure Pimples and Acne Overnight

Pimple..!! Such nightmare huun? 

Causes may differ. Some are due to hormonal changes, some due to reaction and some indicating underling health issues..! 

Today I am sharing a home remedy to cure pimples/ acne. We need three ingredients to make this mask that we are going to treat as a spot treatment. 

  1. Turmeric – for its antiseptic property.
  2. Fuller earth – heals pimples and fades scars. 
  3. Rosewater – Again it is used because it has antibacterial properties to cure acne. If you do not have rose water handy, you can also take normal water to make the paste. 

Mix the ingredients to get a paste like consistency. It should have consistency of a paste because it should neither be too thick nor too runny. In either cases application becomes difficult.! 

As mentioned earlier it is a spot treatment. We are not going to apply the mask on entire face. Instead, we are going to apply only on problematic areas/ on pimples and acne. 

Wait for sometime to let it dry. 

Now this is optional – you can wash this away or you can leave it work on your skin overnight. I prefer second method. As the mask is already dry, it won’t mess my pillow sheets plus it gets ample amount of time to work it’s magic.! 

With two to three days of usage, it is going to cure pimples.! 

Mygirlypedia Note:

Some people are allergic to natural ingredients. I would suggest you to patch test before you use it on face. 

Healing depends on individual body types. I have suggested this to many of my friends. For some it has worked pithing one single night. For some it too 2-3 nights. But the good news is, it worked for all.!

If you give it a try, don’t forget to give a shout-out to Mygirlypedia..! 

Small demo here:

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