How I Make The Most of Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have a special place in the hearts of all skincare enthusiasts out there. They are super easy to use and of course they are pretty beneficials to skin. 

If you are living under rock, these are the sheets drenched in serums which are like magic potion to our skin. You just have to place these sheets on your face for 10 – 15 minutes to let it work.  For any other FAQ about sheet masks or to know more about sheet masks here is one helpful post. 

Now that we know the sheet mask usage, let me tell you how I make most out of a sheet mask..! 

  1. Face serum before putting on the sheet mask.! 

Sheet mask package contains more serum than required.! I love taking some serum on my finger tips and massage it to my face with circular motion. Once the serum is absorbed, I put on sheet mask and let it work. 

  1. Jade roller while sheet mask is on:

While the mask is on, I love using jade roller over it to make the whole treatment extra relaxing. Also, that helps in better absorption of serum.! 

  1. I use it as a hand serum:

I also apply the serum on my hands because hands are the first thing people notice when you introduce yourself to new people you meet.! Hands need care too.! And nowadays, in the pandemic, we frequently wash our hands and use sanitisers which are quite drying. To add that hydration, I like using serum on my hands for that extra pampering.!

  1. As a feet serum.! 

They say feet are most ignored body part.! To show that extra love to my feet, I apply a layer of serum to my feet and let it get absorbed to get soft feet.! 

  1. Finishing up with a layer of serum:

I always save some serum for the end. Post 10-15 minutes of application of sheet mask, I gently remove it. Let the serum get sinked into my skin. Post that I apply one more layer of left over serum on to my face and neck. Because, why not? haha

Hope you find these tips useful.!

In case you want to try making your own sheet mask at home, customised as per your skin type, you can checkout my post here. 

Happy masking..! 

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