Things That Might Help You Get Through This Pandemic

Lockdown, most used word after a scary word – Corona. Together, they made all our lives upside down. 

It now feels like ages that we have been out care free and mask free. Feels like forever we are trapped inside our own house.! 

While I watch sunrise and sunset everyday from my balcony, I feel like I am trapped in a forever loop which happens in movies about magical powers. When I sit in my balcony to enjoy sunset, my mind asks “another sunset, what did I do today???” While my brain prepares itself to open the door of all sort of thoughts, an inner voice says – “You survived..!” 

Yes, if you are reading this (or like the famous starters of every email these days, hope this blog post finds you in good health), you are still breathing and with every breath there is new hope. 

Many of my friends ask me how am I coping up with this situation. So while I was answering their questions, thought of sharing the same with my beautiful readers as well. If this post helps even a single soul out there, that makes my soul happy..! 

So here are things that makes me stay calm during these pandemic days:

Take one day at a time:

Tomorrow is never promised. Thoughts about tomorrow brings you anxiety. So make your mind understand to take life one day at a time. Let’s not worry about tomorrow or feel sad about yesterday, be in the present. 


We sometime blame ourselves for not being productive. But what we tend to forget is, pandemic is definitely not the time to think about productivity. It is about survival. It is your choice how you want to spend the time surviving. Being still and calm is also achievement these days. Still, when we see some social media posts about productive people, we tend to feel a lit low. When I feel my mind is preparing itself to think (read it as overthink), I try to focus on my breath. Simple yet not so simple. But very effective. Breath helps you calm down, as I said before gives you hope and importantly helps you shut the door of overthinking process and let you be in the moment. 

Time with family:

There are n number of families which became incomplete as they lost their loved one in last one year. So many houses became empty.! Why do we wait for someone to go forever in order to appreciate them??? Why do we need absence of that person in order to appreciate their presence??? Let’s spend some time with our loved ones in person or virtually to make them feel loved and to morally boost them. 

Spend time with pets:

They are the ones who are totally unaware of the situation outside. They are in fact happy that their human parents are giving them so much time and attention.! They are happy that their parents aren’t going outside. Spending time with them definitely calm you down. They teach you how to live life in a calm way. 

Lesser the screen time, happier you are:

Be it phone/ TV/ computers etc etc, everywhere you get to see about death rates, oxygen scarcity, in short – all negative news. That anxiety is real. I personally do not have energy to take those news anymore. That’s why I had stopped watching news way long back. But these days social medias is also full of such information. I know and totally agree that sharing such information might help people who are in need. But not everyone can take those information. Me being one of them, I have turned to books to find some peace. Books don’t hurt your eyes, don’t emit harmful rays either. They just divert your mind and give you peace by letting you live in a world of imagination. 

Cultivate that hobby for which you didn’t had time these many years:

Now that we have time for lot of things, why not continue a hobby that you had discontinued long ago due to lack of time..! I love dancing, singing ( Definitely never going to participate in any of those singing competitions.) That makes me happy. Plus of course blogging and vlogging is something that keeps me connected to my creative side. How about you? What are your hobbies??


Trust me it helps. The more frustration you have, more finely you can chop vegetables. Haha. 


This has multiple benefits. First and foremost health, which we all have learnt that the most precious one. Secondly, it helps to keep you happy mentally. The more you sweat, the more you shine baby…!! You can get lot of indoor exercise tutorials online. If you are too lazy for that, just walk from hall to kitchen to bedroom and repeat. hehe. 


Meditation helps you to calm your mind. I have recently started to learn meditation. Can’t talk much about it but I know it is definitely going to help me. 

Watch sunrise and sunset:

I make sure I watch sunset every single day. I am not a morning person, if you are, do watch sunrise. Trust me sunrise and sunsets look beautiful from anywhere and everywhere. You just need time to watch them. Not just because they are soothing to our eyes, they have lot of positive vibes and thoughts to give. Sunrise indicates a new day a new hope. Sunset makes you understand endings can be beautiful too..! 


Yet times your mind is over processing the thoughts. You need a place or a person to vent out all those thoughts. But in this pandemic everyone has their own set of burdens. To help yourself without troubling anyone around, just pen down those thoughts. This helps you feel lighter.

Watch something that makes you feel light and happy:

I love watching and re watching FRIENDS. You can watch any of your favourite series or standup comedy shows to make yourself feel lighter. 

Hope this helps. Always remember, we all are in this together. We will get through this.! 

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