OOTD | 5 Different Ways to Style Your Gym Pants

Gym pants are stretchable, comfortable and stylish. That’s the reason many of us who ‘used’ to go to gym opted for gym pants over anything else for our ‘gym looks’..! This reminds me, gym pants must be the most unused piece of cloth since 2020.! Aren’t they?

Today I will share 5 different ways in which I like to wear my gym pants. All the looks are easy to create and most importantly very comfortable to wear. Shall we start?

Go to Look : With rapid Dry T-shirt.

I love pairing my gym pants with a gym t-shirt. These are rapid dry t-shirt. Fabric is such that, as name itself says it dries quickly so you won’t look all sweaty after the workout. You can checkout the look in the video below.

Let’s checkout other ways..!

Look 1 : With Long Top

If you are not comfortable with short top, go for longer one.


Look 2 : With a Sweater for A Cozy Cute Look..!


Look 3 : Lazy Girl’s Style, With A Sweatshirt.


Look 4 : With a Crop Top


Look 5 : With A Tank Top. IF not comfortable, pair with Overcoat.


Hope you like the looks. Let me know how you would like to style your gym pants, in the comment section below..!

Author: Mygirlypedia

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