Biotique Revitalising Tan Removal Papaya Scrub Review and Swatch

What is the mantra for healthy skin??? Yes I agree clean diet, exercise.. But when it comes to ‘Mantra’, it is for me, CTM..!! Wondering what CTM stands for? This post will help you with that.!

Apart from CTM, scrubbing away dead skin cells is something I always always stress upon. Scrubbing makes skin look super fresh, feel soft and look healthy. Being a skincare enthusiast, I love trying out different skincare products. I have tried facial scrubs from different brands. From drugstore brand to high end brand. But when I am asked to recommend one, I always have this particular one on my mind.

The product I am talking about is this Papaya scrub from the brand Biotique.! Oh by the way, if you like using Papaya in your DIY face pack recipes, I have some recipes. Do try them.!

This is an affordable scrub which works efficiently. But question is – is this for all skin types??? You will get the answer by the end of this review. Shall we get to know more about this facial scrub then??

Brand: Biotique

Product: Revitalising tan-removal scrub

Variant: Bio Papaya

Price: INR 199

Shelf-life: 3 Years. Once opened, 12 months.

What Does Company Claims:



Outer carton is a combination of orange and green, resembling that of a Papaya. It has all the details of the product. Which includes, ingredients list, how to use, price, shelf-life etc etc.

The product container is made of sturdy plastic. A white jar container with dark green screw lid. It also has a thin plastic lid inside for better protection. I liked the fact that the plastic container also has the details mentioned on it. Like, ingredients, how to use and most importantly manufacturing date and shelf life. Because we hardly save the outer carton. In case we are unsure about the expiry date, such containers with details mentioned, comes really handy.


Scrub smells like clay. Not at all strong or not at all bothering one.


It is quite thick. Granules are quite big enough to be seen through n@ked eyes. This makes it fall under ‘not so mild scrub’.!

How to Use:

My Experience:

To begin with, I have dry skin. I usually prefer to use scrub twice a week.

This scrub is quite thick in consistency and you need to mix a little bit of water to it in order to work it out. At least that is what I prefer. Plus, as I always say – NEVER scrub on dry skin. You need to dampen your skin in order to use a scrub.!

So I use this scrub + water on cleansed damp skin. Granules are big enough to be seen and felt easily. Even after diluting it, I had to be very gentle with the process of scrubbing because I was skeptical about the granules. With minimal pressure I like to massage my face with this scrub. After a minute or two of scrubbing, I wash my face with normal water. I have to wash throughly as the scrub is thick and it can stick to face.

What makes me like this scrub are the end results. This makes skin super soft and pores feel super clean. I have also noticed this gives that instant glow to face.

Things I Liked:

  1. Does it’s job pretty well. Leaves skin super soft and clean.
  2. Little goes long way. A single tub can last for a year.!
  3. Pocket friendly.
  4. Ingredient list looks safe.
  5. Travel friendly packing.
  6. Fragrance is fresh and doesn’t bother.
  7. Cruelty free.
  8. Preservative free.
  9. Recyclable packing.

Things I did not like:

  1. Tub packing is not hygienic as we need to dip fingers to take out the product.
  2. This is not a mild scrub. If one uses it rigorously, it might scratch your skin.

Mygirlypedia Note:

As granules are little bigger, this isn’t a mild scrub so need to be bit cautious while scrubbing. Do try my trick of mixing it with water.

Talking about skin types, it works perfectly fine with dry and oily skin. If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend this scrub as it will be harsh for your skin.

Mygirlypedia Rating: 4/5

Author: Mygirlypedia

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