Story of How I Started My Schooling

If you have been following my videos on YouTube and you know Kannada, you are already aware of the stories about how I learnt English after moving to an English medium school and Hindi when I moved to Maharastra. When I talk about learning, it all started when I started schooling..!

Story of me joining a school is short but quite amusing. Wanna hear???

I am the elder kid and I used to be very stubborn back in those days. Like most of the kids of 90’s, even I was not at all pleased with the idea of going to school. I often made a big dramatic scene with all the crying and pleading, every morning..! So my dad decided to try a different method.

Just to add, I must say, parenting is difficult. In order to raise a kid right, either of the parents should be strict and one has to be a friendly. I mean two strict parents or two very leanient parents combo might not really succeed. Again, this is my point of view, you might have a different one. But this topic is always debatable.

Back to my story. In my home, mom is the strict one whereas my dad is my first friend, like literally. Wanna know why? You will soon..!

So my dad prioritised his dad duties over his office duties and decided to accompany me to my school. I made sure I continued my efforts to not to sit in school and made my dad take me back home within few minutes of staying at school. (I told you I was stubborn..!!) This continued for couple of days.

Third day dad thought of trying out something new. He became my bench partner (see, I told you he is literally my first friend touchwood) Those tiny chairs were so tiny, my sweet dad used to sit on those to give me company..!

Now enters my mom..!! (Dramatic sound in the background..!!)

It must be fifth or sixth day probably, day when my dad lifted me up and started walking towards school, I started crying and asking him to take me back home. He asked me to look back. I still remember what I saw – my mom was holding this big stick, standing right in front of my home asking me to come back, while moving the stick swiftly. Indicating the ‘warm welcome‘ that I will get if I choose to go back home..! Haha that scared me so much that I immediately stopped crying and went to school with dad.

As usual my dad sat along with me. While all other kids used to dance and sing, I used to hold my father’s hand tight and sit right next to him. I was scared that he might leave me in the school and go back to his office. I must really appreciate the fact that my dad is THE BEST. He took leave from his office just to be with me..! How many dads do that??? touchwood

That day was like the longest day of us at school. We didn’t know that there is a snack break in between. Where kids get to eat their snacks that they have brought along with them from home. So my dad and I did not had any snacks so we just sat in a corner, lost in our talks. A little boy came to us and offered his snacks. He had brought those sugary biscuits. I don’t remember his name or face so is my dad. But what my dad remembers is how he felt at that moment. At first dad thought he is such a kind boy..! Later he got to know how smart that boy was…!! That little boy told my dad “Uncle, take me also along with you..!” haha yes, those biscuits were bribe to get him out of the school. He knew this uncle takes his daughter out of school sooner so he thought of taking a chance..! Smart, isn’t it??

So this continued for some days. Where my dad used to be my bench mate. Then one day class teacher spoke to my dad and said “Sir, if you sit like this everyday, you will have to sit here for whole year..!” and she suggested him to leave while I am not paying attention.

I had started trusting dad that he will sit along with me daily, so I had started to dance and sing along with other kids. One fine day while I was lost in dance and music, my dad jumped out of the big window (that opened to the corridor) we had in the class and went back. While still dancing, I turn back to see the bench empty. OMG that must have been such lost feeling. I don’t remember the exact feelings that went in my mind and heart but I definitely remember me crying (well I can’t say like a kid, because I was a kid haha) Class teacher made sure I don’t run from school. But after a while when class got over and when I came out I was so so happy and relived to see my dad standing there waiting for me..!! (Oh I still have tears in my eyes while writing this..! )

So this is how I started going to school. When my sister started her schooling, I was her guiding angel haha. She used to cry too. But I was in the same school and her class teacher used to ask me to take care of my little sister. Which I was very happy to do, because it’s a nice feeling to have our own by our side, anytime, anywhere..! Isn’t it?

She used to sit with me on my bench just like dad did. While she used to be busy drawing butterflies, house, the sun and the moon, I used to attend the class. Awww I remember she used to show me her drawings too, while trying not to make lot of noise. I am so glad my class teachers were so sweet who never yelled at me for bringing my sister to class.! In fact all of my classmates were happy to see little one in the class. Precious days..!

So this was the story of how I joined the school..!!!

How was your first day at school??? Did you cry??? Any special mentions??? Do share your stories in the comment section. It will be a warm feeling trust me. A walk down such sweet memory lane is always a warm feeling..!

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