12 Inexpensive Things to Follow for #SkinGoals

Healthy and beautiful skin is everyone’s dream..! Today I am going to share or rather remind you of certain already known and easy things which will help you to achieve your #SkinGoals. If you are looking for any mention of skin care product, Nope, it definitely not going to include any sort of product recommendation..!

Curious to checkout the list? Let’s start..!

  1. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day:

I know, I know, almost all beauty videos, posts and especially celebrity skin secrets include this point. But trust me it works to a greater extent. Not just skin, it is good for your overall health. As we all know, our body is made up of majority of water content. Drinking water helps in keeping your skin hydrated from within, helps in proper functioning of organs annnddd most importantly, it helps to flush out toxins from our body. So don’t forget to sipping water once in a while, daily..!

2. Do not touch your face:

Yes, you heard that right. Unless and until your hands are properly cleansed and it’s super clean, do not touch your face. Come on, this pandemic has taught us how our hands can be a medium to cause health issues..! Isn’t it? Even though they may look clean to our n*ked eyes, they do contain germs. Touching your face with hands might transfer germs which in turn cause breakouts. So avoid it..!

3. Wash your face masks frequently:

Face masks are the new normal. I have seen people using a same face mask straight for a month without washing it. Ewww..! While the face mask is on, we sweat, we speak and it might transfer a bit of our saliva to the mask. A layer of polluted air, germs and what not a poor mask protects us from..! If we do not wash the mask before using it the next time, just think of the amount of germs that are cultivated in those masks..! Please use clean face mask every time to take care of your health and skin darling..!

4. Eat clean:

TBH, I am not someone who can follow this. I am a huge junk food lover. BUT, I make sure I avoid eating food that cause breakouts. Some are allergic to dairy, for some sugar cause breakouts and for some oily food cause harm. So I am not someone who would ask you to leave everything for the sake of it. Instead I would suggest you to avoid eating food that doesn’t suit your skin and body.

5. Sleep:

This is most underrated activity when it comes to healthy body, skin, mind or even for weight loss. Minimum 7 hours sleep is what we need to keep our overall health in check. While we are asleep body gets recharged (like literally). So make sure you get that good beauty sleep to get flawless skin.

6. Go to bed makeup free:

Always always take off your makeup before hitting the bed. Makeup products clog the facial pores which is why this sinful act cause breakouts..!

7. Change your pillow cases frequently:

When we sleep, we transfer the skincare products that we have applied, hair product, saliva to our pillow cases..! If we do not change the pillow cases, we are just harming our skin by playing with the germs that are there on the pillow cases. So clean pillow cases for clearer skin.

8. Choose the products wisely:

Do not blindly follow any trend or recommendations. A product that works for someone may or may not work for your skin. Always do a patch test before trying it on your whole face.

9. Clean your cellphone’s screen:

Cellphones are like the extended part of our body.! While we are talking over the phone, screen comes in contact with our face. If your screen is not clean, again we are transferring those germs to your face.! You are aware of the next story..! So to avoid these breakouts caused by phones, keep your cellphone screens clean.

10. Keep your hair away from face:

Our hair accumulate lot of pollution, dust and sweat. When they come in contact with our facial skin, tell me what happens!? Yes you are absolutely right, breakouts..!!

11. Follow simple CTM routine:

If you are not aware of this three letter mantra, here is the post that will help you. Especially the last step. That’s way more important to keep skin healthy and supple.

12. Keep your mind happy:

Yes you read it right. When you are not happy inside it shows on your face (like, literally), skin and body. To keep your mind stress free and happy, do something that makes your soul happy. Be it exercising, a quick walk, any hobby or even spending time with your family (furry members included). When you are happy inside, hello healthy skin..!

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