Facial Hair Removal Techniques I Have Tried and One That Worked

Facial hair, it is as natural as our hair on head..! Simple. Just like it’s individual’s choice to whether to keep it as it is or to shave it off the hair on head, it is one’s choice to take care of facial hair.

Hair type and growth rate depends on individual and underlying health condition. Some have very less or no facial hair, some have excess hair growth due to hormonal imbalance. I fall in the category where the growth rate is moderate. *touchwood*. So once a month works the best for me.

I personally don’t like to keep it as it is hence I choose to get it removed in a timely manner. In this post I am going to share the methods I have used so far (honestly not many methods) and one that works well for me.

  1. Turmeric Face Packs:

You know how we love Ayurvedic remedies when it come to skin and hair. Initially my mom didn’t allow me to get rid of facial hair. Because she knew it would be painful and she was worried that it might increase the hair growth. But you know when you are a teen, you usually tend to bother a lot about your looks than usual.! I was like any other teen, bit embarrassed about my facial hair. (Now when I think about it, they were not even that long to get noticed. But back in those days I used to feel people are looking at my moustache while talking to me..!Typical teenager..! )

Back to business, Ayurvedic remedies are something my mom chose for me. She used to make these face packs for me which happened to have ingredients which are said to reduce the hair growth.! I used to religiously apply those packs. Even though I did see slow change in the growth of facial hair but that did not help me get that ‘clean look’ I was looking for.!

2. Threading:

Then when I started complaining about the packs, mom took to the parlour just to give me the glimpse of how threading process is like and the results of it.! I remember how the parlour lady took the thread and pulled the facial hair of her customer. Even though the result was ‘clean’, it was all red and bumpy..! That was scary for me.! So I did not opt for it.

But I took (read it as stole) mom’s tweezers and thought of giving it a try by myself. Oops when I pulled a strand from my upper lips, I was left with teary eyes and bumps. That’s when I appreciated my decision of not going for threading.

Then for years I have literally stopped bothering about facial hair. I mean I did not wanted any sort of pain just to get rid of these natural hair.!

3. Eyebrow and Face Razor:

Then after entering the corporate world where grooming is integral part, I opted for shaving. Started with shaving blades that we get. Even after taking all precautionary steps and shaving with ultra slow pace, I ended up with some minor cuts.! So doped that too..!

These are the ones I used to use.!

4. Electric Eyebrow Trimmer:

This has been my friend since years now. This device has small blades meant for trimming eyebrow hair and works on battery cell. When you turn on the device, it vibrates and you just have to glide it across the face to remove the hair. Even though this is meant for eyebrows, works perfectly fine for other parts of your face as well. Blade doesn’t hurt or did not cause any discomfort till date.!

If you are looking for a multipurpose one that can be used on different parts of our body, check this one.

FAQs About Shaving Facial Hair:

  1. Does shaving hurts?

As mentioned above I had painful experience with shaving using razor. But electric razor works perfectly fine without any pain.

2. Does shaving increase the hair growth?

I think it depends on individual. For me, this neither increase the growth nor slowed down the growth.

3. Does hair grows after shaving is harder?

I personally feel it does not matter to me because be it soft or hard I am going to shave it off every time.! haha

4. Do you apply shaving cream before shaving?

When I used to use razor, I used to apply light textured facial cream. But for electric razor I prefer dry surface.

Hope this post helps. 🙂

If you have any query, please feel free to drop your questions in the comment section. Happy to answer..!

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