Have Yo Heard of Facial Vacuum Cups?

Do you love facial tools like I do??? If I heard yo say yes, **High Five**

This is my most recent addition to facial tool collection of mine – Facial Vacuum cups.

Before I start with this new bee, in case you would like to know my other two favourites, you can have a look by clicking on the links mentioned below..!

Gua Sha

Jade Roller

What is this cup made of?

It is made of Silicon. Hence they are also called Silicon vacuum cups too.

How do these cups work?

They work on the technique of suction pressure.

What are the benefits of using vacuum cups on face?

Facial cups are used to:

  1. Reduce wrinkles.
  2. Increase collagen production.
  3. Increase blood circulation.
  4. Fade away scars.
  5. to relax..!

How to use them?

One thing I must mention, when it comes to facial tools, everyone has their own way of using them. Depending on your skin needs/ types/ your comfort, you choose one.

This is my way using it. As it is hard to describe the movements, I have shot this video. You can watch ‘How to Use’ from . It starts at 2:07 🙂

Can it be used daily?

No. It should be used once or max twice a week.

Now the important part, the DO’s and Don’ts.


  1. Always start with cleansed face and apply good amount of facial oil before using the cups.
  2. Always press the cup with minimal pressure and move it gently.
  3. Glide the cup till the hairline.
  4. Always clean the cups after use.


  1. Do not press the cups hard as it will create more suction pressure to suck the skin. You might end up hurting your skin.
  2. Do not let the cup sit on your skin for long. Again this will harm your skin rather than doing good.
  3. Do not pull the cup.

These are the things I have learnt and follow while using facial cups. Hope you find this information useful..!

Do include them in your next ‘At Home Spa Session’..!

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