A Peaceful Place Called Shankara Honda In Sirsi ಶಂಕರ ಹೊಂಡ ಶಿರಸಿ

Everyone needs a peaceful break from the  chaos of life. The definition of break differs from person to person. If you ask me, a quiet place amidst nature would be a perfect idea of a quick break to recharge my mind. Nowadays, it’s not just cities where sound and air are polluted, even in small towns like mine, the sound pollution is at a good extent. Finding a place which is quiet and beautiful is sometimes acts as a bliss..! I have such place in my native place Sirsi. 

Shankara Honda, a moderate size pond which is located in Veerabhadra Galli, Sirsi, Karnataka, India. This is inside the town but away from the busy streets, near to very famous Sirsi Marikamba temple. All you can hear is the sounds of nature.! The pond is said to be the birth place or origin of river Aghanashini. 

Right next to Shankara Honda is Areca nut plantation. Which is a very common sight at my native place. It’s soothing to eyes and gives me that homely feel (YKWIM)

Shankara honda is not open 24*7. It’s open in the morning and in the evening time, to be more specific – 5:30 AM to 8 AM 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Place is kept very clean by the municipal corporation people. A beautiful garden, joggers lane, benches makes it a perfect place for morning and evening walks. Oh yes it has open gym, shower facilities too. Due to Corona, swimming has been restricted. Before Corona, people used to visit the place for a quick refreshing swim with their buddies.

Pond is quite huge and looks beautiful. Especially during golden hour of the day.!

Main attraction? Aqua buddies, I mean fishes. They are so so beautiful..! and foodie. People who visit here usually get something for these fishes to eat. It’s therapeutic to watch them and listen to the sound they make. Watch the video to believe it. We can find a lot many varieties (in size and colour) of fishes there.

Oh they also have these white beauties who are not so friendly with fishes, ducks. As they might end up over eating the fishes, ducks are usually caged. But person in charge of them comes on time and feeds them well. So if you visit Shankar Honda and see the ducks, don’t get fooled by their cries haha. They are well pampered.

Overall it is a quick peaceful escape from the usual chaotic life. If you ever visit Sirsi and have some spare time, do add this to your list.!

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