Evening at Ganesh Pal

Hello You beautiful soul,

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, we had been to Shivgange waterfall the other day, ‘Virtually’. In case you have missed the waterfall, do check the video here. It’s beautiful..!!

The place we are talking about today or rather visiting virtually today is Ganesh Pal. This is the prior point to the waterfall. River Shalmala flows via Ganesh Pal, to Shivgange.

This is few kilometres away from Shivgange. A remote area amidst thick forest. From the main road few Kilo meters towards Ganesh Pal, you can see the welcome board. As the road ahead is not in a good condition, it’s better to park your vehicle there and start walking.!


It’s around a kilo meter or two long path. You will love the walk as nature will keep you entertained with some really nice music. Music of water, birds, breeze..! You can see thick forest on your left and a beautiful paddy field on the right. You can also see a house at the end of the field. That house is actually on the river bank. Just imagine… staying at that place. In nature’s lap. Blissful isn’t it??

While we were walking we saw the road that was damaged due to land sliding. By the look of it, seemed like that had happened recently. It’s a pretty usual scene in wester ghats during monsoons. Still, it’s scary.

Once you reach the end of the paddy field, you can hear the water flowing. That’s our today’s spot – Ganesh Pal.

Pal or pal means portion in Kannada.Once you reach the river bank, you can see a Lord Ganesha temple, which divides the river into two portions. Hence the name Ganesh Pal. You can also see lord Shiva linga and Nandi statue there.

During summers you can easily walk to the temple and offer praying. There is also a bridge that connects to the other side. But due to heavy water, the path and the bridge are submerged currently. Hence we had to pray from far. In order to see Ganesha, we had to walk little further along the bank.

This river spot is amidst thick forest. Fresh air, bird chirping, music of water makes it a perfect place to relax. Temple gives a spiritual touch which makes the experience even more calming.

As there are no eateries near by, you will have to carry your own food. In case you want to pack some food then Jaddigadde is a small village near by where you get some decent food which you can pack. But please make sure you leave the place clean. As a responsible traveller and a human, it is our own duty to take care of our planet. Isn’t it??

Also, the place is quite remote. It’s advisable to visit the place and return before sunset.

You can have a virtual tour by clicking the video below. Enjoy some songs of nature. Oh yes, don’t forget to watch a beautiful artistic house of honey bees I found there..!

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