Kylie Cosmetics Lip gloss Literally – Review

Hey, As there is a great sale on Kylie cosmetics, I am posting a review of one of the 3 glosses I had purchased from Kylie Cosmetics, today. So that it might be helpful for you while shopping from the site. The shade I am reviewing today is – Literally. Shall we start with a … Continue reading “Kylie Cosmetics Lip gloss Literally – Review”

Good news for Kylie Cosmetics’ Lovers

Hey, You might have seen my posts on Mygirlypedia, about different kylie cosmetics I own. If you were thinking of buying any of their products, it’s the right time now…!!! It’s an end of season sale at Kylie cosmetics. #happydance It’s flat 20% off….!!! Offer lasts only for 48 hours…!!! So hurry up…!!! I’m planning … Continue reading “Good news for Kylie Cosmetics’ Lovers”

Kylie Blush – Hopeless Romantic : Review

Hey beautiful, Few days ago I had received my goodies from Kylie Cosmetics. You might have seen my post unpacking the box. Here is the review post of the Blush from that haul of mine. Kylie cosmetics has five different colored blushes. Barely Legal (light pink) Hopeless Romantic (Red) Hot and Bothered ( Peach Red) … Continue reading “Kylie Blush – Hopeless Romantic : Review”

Kylie Lip Liner Posie K : Review

Hey, If you have followed mygirlypedia closely, you know everything about lip liners. If you have missed that post, here is the link. As you all know from my previous post, I own a Kylie lip liner now. proud Whether it may be new cloth or new cosmetic product, I really can’t wait long to … Continue reading “Kylie Lip Liner Posie K : Review”

My Recent Haul from Kylie Cosmetics

Hey You, I am soooooooo happy…!!! The reason being, I have received my products from Kylie Cosmetics yesterday…!!!! Kylie made my Monday a happy one. I got my other products from Nykaa. Tuesday is also a happy one now for me. wink* *Shopaholic You know what I bought from Nykaa??? Hint – Here. There was … Continue reading “My Recent Haul from Kylie Cosmetics”

Kylie Lip gloss Posie K : Review 

Hey pretty, As I had promised, I’m reviewing the gorgeous Kylie, lip gloss today. The shade I’ll be reviewing is Posie K. The one which I had applied in my yesterday’s OOTD Post. Read on to know my take on the gloss. Shade – Posie K Color – Dark Pink Price – 15 USD (Excluding Shipping … Continue reading “Kylie Lip gloss Posie K : Review “

Kylie lip gloss – Candy k review 

Hey beautiful,  As I had promised in my earlier post, here is the review of one of the Kylie lip glosses I bought recently.  So, today I’m gonna review my favorite one –  Candy K.  Read on to know more about the product and my experience with it.  Ingredients : Shelf life : Not mentioned  Price: … Continue reading “Kylie lip gloss – Candy k review “

My Online Shopping Experience at Kylie cosmetics… 

Hey gal,  Every gal who is obsessed with lipsticks knows what ‘lipstick wishlist’  is all about… All we aim is for a MAC and a kylie lipkit in our lip collection… Isn’t it???  Kylie jenner…  She is American reality television personality, model…  She is best known for appearing on the reality television series ‘Keeping Up … Continue reading “My Online Shopping Experience at Kylie cosmetics… “

TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch Review

Skin covering lips is thin and needs more hydration. Lip balms are good way to do so but once in a while they need deep hydration just like our facial skin. In order to do that, I always wanted to try lip masks. Just like facial masks, these are masks that are meant for lips. … Continue reading “TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch Review”

This is Why I Do Not Use Facial Wipes

Recently, Kylie Jenner was slammed for advertising  makeup wipes for all right reasons. For those who are not aware, Kylie has cosmetics as well as skin care range on her name. One of the products in her skin care is the makeup wipes. She claims that the wipes remove waterproof makeup, matte lipsticks.  In the … Continue reading “This is Why I Do Not Use Facial Wipes”

3 Easy Every Day Makeup Looks

Helloo, Some of you been asking for a basic Everyday makeup tutorial. So, finally I have filmed a basic makeup tutorial where I created three different and simple looks. These looks can be carried to your work place as well as to colleges. Products used: Maybelline concealer. Maybelline foundation Kylie blush The body shop kajal … Continue reading “3 Easy Every Day Makeup Looks”

This is What I Have to Say About Sunny Leone’s Liquid Lip Color

Helloo, Sunny Leone – A woman who doesn’t really need an introduction. Half of the world, I mean half of the men in the world worship her beauty and women are either jealous of her beauty or appreciate her beauty and courage to start life all over again. Between, now she is not only a … Continue reading “This is What I Have to Say About Sunny Leone’s Liquid Lip Color”

This is What Apple Cider Vinegar Does to Your Body

Kardashians..!!! Half of the world at least knows who they are… If you don’t belong to that half, let me introduce them to you. There is this English reality show called “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. It’s like being with them 24 X 7. Listening to ‘everything’ they talk. What do they talk??? Everything…!!! You … Continue reading “This is What Apple Cider Vinegar Does to Your Body”

Bought My Dream Product From Bobbie Brown and The Results Are Not What I Was Expecting

Bobbi Brown… One of my dream brands  from the USA… Bobbie Brown is a professional makeup artist and founder of the cosmetics brand by her own name. It’s a high end brand and was in my wish list till last week when I dreamt about it. Let me explain. When I say I’m crazy when … Continue reading “Bought My Dream Product From Bobbie Brown and The Results Are Not What I Was Expecting”

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 6

Hey, Its finally here..!!! The happiest day of the week…!!! Friyayyy…!!! Here are today’s 5 random questions. This time, its all about makeup… !!! Do you like makeup??? Why??? I love makeup. It makes me feel more confident and buying, trying out different cosmetics makes me happy. What was your first ever makeup product??? I … Continue reading “Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 6”

Diwali Day 2 OOTD

Hello, Today is second day of Diwali… Lakshmi pooja(worshipping the goddess of wealth)… For today I chose to wear this dress of mine. It’s my mamma’s choice… ☺️ A peach colored top and the best part is it has a nice designed cape or overcoat. The design is golden and peach colored flowers. That gives … Continue reading “Diwali Day 2 OOTD”

Finally There is A Place Where You will Get Customized Lipsticks

Hey, I was just going through random videos on YouTube. So I came across this one and thought of sharing with my readers who are obsessed with lipsticks like me. Bite Beauty Lip lab in New York is nothing less than a dream come true… There you get a customized lipstick…!!! Trust me, even though … Continue reading “Finally There is A Place Where You will Get Customized Lipsticks”

Outfit Of The Day

Hey,   Hindu people are celebrating Navaratri in India. Nava stands for nine and ratri means night. Nine nights we celebrate nine different goddesses. Which are believed to be different forms of goddess Durga. So we represent or have dedicated a color to each goddess. Today, the color was white. So I opted for a … Continue reading “Outfit Of The Day”

DIY Lip Mask

Hey, I realized that I have been writing and reviewing a lot about lip products. Isn’t it??? Adding to the series, here is a Do It Yourself lip mask. Just like face mask, I’m gonna tell you how to prepare a lip mask which has been tried and tested by me. It is believed that … Continue reading “DIY Lip Mask”

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 2

Hey, Friday is here…!!! Let’s have those five random questions… To know each other bit more… What’s say??? Ready??? Ookk What’s on your lips today??? I have applied Kylie lipgloss today. In the shade Posie K. When was the last time you went for a cosmetic shopping and what did you buy??? Me… I bought … Continue reading “Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 2”

OOTD and Sneak peek Into My Upcoming Review 

Hey, Midweek huun… We are almost there… Two more days for a weekend… !!! 🤘 What’s your favorite part of the day??? Mine being,  ummm ‘dressing up time’…!! 👰 You might have read my Shopping Experience at Kylie cosmetics. I have also reviewed one of the three glosses I have bought.  💋 I’m wearing Kylie Lip gloss – … Continue reading “OOTD and Sneak peek Into My Upcoming Review “

chambor extreme wear transferproof liquid lipstick Reviewed

Hey girlies, So, I was talking about my favorite lipstick umm. I would love to let you guys know, what made me fall in love with this cutie…. Let’s start with the review then… Since many days, I was looking for a long lasting lipstick. (For being a bit lazy for regular touchups..!! ) While … Continue reading “chambor extreme wear transferproof liquid lipstick Reviewed”